Pogies are basically a barrier from the elements for your hands. When your hands warm up inside, it creates a micro climate within the pogie. This micro climate keeps your hands warm, sometimes so warm that a thin liner glove or your standard MTB glove under the pogie is all that you need. Although you can make pogies yourself or buy snowmobile, ATV, or other similar pogies, below you will find updated information on current cycling specific pogies that are on the market today. This resource will be updated as necessary, please feel free to comment with updated info, or new brands. The pogies are in alphabetical order of brand name. Pogie temperature rating is roughly based off of using standard mountain bike gloves underneath the pogie.  


45Nrth makes cold weather cycling gear ranging from tires to apparel. The Cobrafist pogies are made for the most extreme conditions. Made up of wind resistant 600d poly outer shell and PrimaLoft® Gold Eco 400 gm insulation, these are made to keep you very warm. The pogie attaches using a bar end plug and they come with heat vents and gear storage among other technical features. Temperature: -50°F Price: $130.00 USD  

Alpine Threadworks

Alpine Threadworks is a one-man show focusing on skiing, climbing and cycling gear, as well as repairs on all of your outdoor gear. The Powderface Pogies are designed around the cold winters of Calgary and the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west. They are made out of a 500 denier outer, your choice of a multi-layer or single-layer fleece interior, and a nylon liner. The pogies come with a secure bar end attachment, gauntlet system around the bars, internal powder/cold air cuff, and a webbing stiffener to keep its shape. The Powderface pogies are available in red, gray, blue or black, with or without a reflective strip. Temperature: -10°C (14°F) Price: $150CAD  

Apocalypse DesignPogies

Apocalypse Design is an outdoor clothing and gear company that makes pogies called Bike Toasties. Thepogiesare made of Cordura or Ultrex outer, insulated with two layers of Climashield, a 5.3oz lightweight continuous filament insulation and lined with taffeta. An elastic strip cinches down the pogie over your shifters and brakes, while a Velcro strap connects the pogie to the bar end.   Temperature: -20°F Price: $84.00 USD  

Bar Mitts

This classic pogie company has recently upgraded their fleet with more pogies including the Extreme Mountain Pogie.
  • The Standard Bar Mitt is made of a simple neoprene material – keeping the wind out and the weight down. Two small straps and a zipper enclosure keep the pogie over the bars. A velcro strap connects to the end of your handlebars for a stable fit. Bar Mitts come in standard bar and drop bar options. Temperature: 20°F Price: $75.00 
  • The Extreme Mountain Mitt is similar to the standard Bar Mitt but comes with a fleece interior, a removable cuff that keeps the warmth in and a more stable bar end connector system. Temperature: 0°F Price: $125.00

Portland Pogies

Portland Pogies, formerly Bike Mitts, are a product of Portland by way of Shanghai. After Lauren Gross saw the use of hand covers on each motor bike in the Chinese city, she decided to bring some home and use them on her bike. Maybe the coolest feature of Portland Pogies is that they are made out of scrap materials. Each pogie they make will fit straight or drop bars and comes with a waterproof or water-resistant outer, insulated layer, and fleece liner.
  • The Mosier Pogies are great for dry and cold temperatures. The fabric for these Pogies came from a chair manufacturing company that went out of business. Price: $45.00
  • The Cordura Pogies are coated with a 100% waterproof and tough outer. They are insulated and lined with fleece. $55.00
  • The Stormbreaker Pogies are made out of ski jacket material ensuring that the warmth stays in and the wet out. The insulated layer is sandwiched between the outer material and a fleece liner. $55.00

Ce Unik (It’s Unique)

Ce UnikCe Unik makes three types of pogies: The Artik, Baltik and Voyager. The Canucks know a thing or two about cold weather, so you can be sure their pogies are tested and made for some harsh conditions.
  • The Baltik is a 2 layer non-insulated pogie, but still remain warm in cold conditions.
  • The Artik version adds a 3rd layer of Thermofoil insulation membrane.
  • The Voyageur is an expedition pogie that comes with a gator around the cuff to keep the warm air in but also allowing quick withdrawal when needed.
  • The DUO version is much like the Voyageur, but with a detachable gator option.
They are all made with water and windproof 600 denier exterior (Cordura) and a soft interior. To hold the pogies in place, they use an EVO plug at the exterior of the pogie + a Velcro strap on the middle bar. For easy braking and shifting, they provided extra hand room space, and for convenience they have added an internal pocket. The large opening allows the biker easy exit and entry. The bottom velcro opening to help for the installment doubles as a vent for heat transfer – simple and yet effective. Pogies ship to Canada and the USA. Temperature: -20°F and Up Price: $105.00 to $125.00

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Dogwood Design

Dogwood Design Winter PogiesDogwood Pogies are handmade in Northern Alaska by a legend name Joan. She has no store front, no website, and no social outlets, she just makes pogies – and some pretty good ones at that. These simple yet extremely efficient pogies come in two versions, Winter Pogies and Winter Plus Pogies.

  • The Winter Pogies are made up of a nylon outer to keep the elements out and are insulated with polyester. An inner skeleton holds its shape.  The pogies are equipped with adjustable pull cords to cinch down on the handlebars; this keeps the elements out and the heat in. An elastic loop is sewn on the inside to connect to the bar end. Temperature: -15°F Price: $120.00 USD
  • The Plus Pogies have everything the standard pogies have, but come with more continuous filament and hi-loft hand quilted polarguard insulation. Temperature: -50°F Price: $170.00 USD

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Made in the UK, these pogies are a great local option if you live in Europe, or are looking for a variety to choose from. Hotpog makes 4 different pogies to suit different conditions and temperatures. The Basic, Explorer, Adventurer, and Arctic pogies have similar features. Waterproof breathability, cable straps, elastic bar loop connectors, thermal padding and anti-wicking ensure the warmth stays in. Below are the 4 specific pogies and their main features.
  • The Basic pogies are simple yet effective, keeping you dry and warm. Price: £24.60
  • The Explorer is the pogie for you if you always get out your map. It comes with a map pocket on top of a pogie for easy access. Price: £36.00
  • The Adventurer pogies are the same as the Explorer sans the map pocket. They are also made a bit differently in a way that it gives the pogies more of a structure rather than just flat. Price: £60.00
  • The Arctic pogies are their most extreme pogies. The Arctic Pogies come with all the fixings of their other pogies as well as wrist gaiters and full fur lining. Price: £83.40
All pogies are made in Black, Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Olive Green, Cammo, Pink, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Orange, Sky Blue. They are also made to order and can also order bulk if you are interested.  

Moose Mitts

Made in the back of Trails Edge Cyclery in Plymouth Michigan, Moose Mitts are made of a 1000 Denier Cordura outer keeping elements out, and the warmth in. These pogies are lined with fleece along with an internal pocket to keep your snacks from freezing. A simple bar end cinch strap holds your pogies in place. All pogies come with a reflective strip for safety. Temperature: 10°F  Price: $74.99 to $94.99 USD

Mountain Equipment Co-oppogies

Mountain Equipment Co-op out of Canada figured out the need for pogies and started designing the Northstar Cycling Pogie. The Pogies consist of a polyester shell and a 4-way stretch fleece polyester liner. They attach to the bar with hook-and-loop straps. The Northstars come with metal snaps to create a snug fit around the cuff of the pogies. Also included is relfective front for those night time rides. Temperature: 20°F Price: $39.00 CAD


Must Stache Bike Bags

Must Stache Bike Bags is a small Minnesota bag company specializing in custom frame bags, top tube bags, and two types of pogies. Hailing from the fat bike capital of the lower 48, the land of lakes is a perfect place to sew and test their Standard and Arctic pogies.
  • The Standard Pogie is made up of an 850 euro goose down fill, Cordura outer and nylon interior with built in baffles. It is also water treated to keep the down dry. The Pogie attaches to the bar with a barnes plug, which helps support the pogie both while riding and not. Temperature: 10°Price: $85.00 USD
  • The Arctic Pogie is filled with twice the amount of down, which maximizes wind resistance and warmth retention. Also featured is an adjustable cuff to allow more or less air flow depending on temps. The Arctic Pogie comes with the same bar attachment as the standard pogie. Temperature: -20°F Price: $125.00 USD

Notnee Bikepacking

A Russian bikepacking bag manufacturer has developed the Gripsovitsy to protect from the harsh conditions in part of Russia. The pogies are made out of an Oxford PU 210, Dyuspo Milcah, Politaffeta 190 PU and are made with two layers, along with insulation. They come with reflective elements in the front and cinch down to the bar with a webbing strap. Temperature: Unknown Price:1400 Rubles  

Revelate Designs

One of the first ultralight bag makers around has also been making some pretty neat pogies since the inception of his company.
  • The Williwaw Pogies feature a 3 layer system: A 600 denier polyester outer, foam inner, and fleece liner. This give the pogie a stiff upright shape. Also featured is an easy attach/remove and tool free attachment to connect to bar ends. Temperature: 0°F Price: $95.00 USD
  • The Expedition Pogies have a 4 layer system: A 210 denier double ripstop nylon outer, a quilted 12 oz. synthetic insulation, and 70 denier silver taffeta lining. It also comes with a Polartec 300 series liner that attaches by velcro for easy removal. On top of the 4 layer design, it comes with all the bells and whistles you could think of. Temperature: -50°F Price: $225.00 USD


Another brand out of Russia is making the Winter Bike Mitten. This pogie comes in at 200g and is made with a variety of fabrics and insulation including Oxford240D, fleece, and Oxford600D. The pogie comes with a reflective strip for night riding and safety. The pogies come in Red, Blue or black. Temperature: unknown Price: $25.00 USD

Wolftooth Components

The Minnesota company that brought you chainrings has been developing the Singletrack Pogie over the past few years. These pogies have proven a lot of versatility as the cuff can adapt for certain weather. Another neat feature is the bar end plug, which allows easy install and un install, while keeping the pogie in position. The pogies are made out of a ripstop nylon with closed cell foam and use velcro to keep the wind and elements out around the bar and cables. They weigh 220 grams and come in two colors options, stealth black or Wolf Tooth Logo. Temperature: unknown Price: $124.95 USD


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