Why Cycles has announced three new bikes, two of which appear to be very adventure forward. Adam Miller, avid cyclist, founder and former owner of Borealis Bikes, is not only excited to get folks on bikes in general, but helps facilitate those individuals seek unknown places. “We designed all of our models under Why to capture what we think are the really great things bikes can offer to our lives. A huge part of that is how well bikes can help us explore, or get lost, or take us someplace that our feet alone or a vehicle can’t take us to. We didn’t design any of our bikes to be the lightest, fastest, or best machines to get on top of a XC or road race podium. We did design them to explore the possibilities of what bikes can do, and a huge part of that falls into the backpacking mentality,” says Miller Frame_ENVE_FORK copy 2 Miller adds that “Our S7 (hardtail plus bike) and R+ (gravel road bike) both have features like fender mounts and all rack mounts necessary to mount just about anything to the frame. They also have 3 places for water bottle cages, and the downtube boasts a third bottle cage bolt that can be used to mount accessories or other gear-carrying cases that might be available in the future. And, the durability of the titanium frames makes scuffs from bags or scratches from travel and the rigors of bikepacking something that’s just not a big deal any more. Almost more important than the specific features that our bikes have to make your bikepacking life easier is the pure ride quality. These frames are designed to maximize how incredible a titanium bike rides- they really are just about the most comfortable, smooth, and supple hardtail frames out there.”
AUGUST 17, 2016 – OGDEN, UT — A team of bicycle industry veterans today announced the launch of Why Cycles, a new high-end road and mountain bike brand with a focus on superior craftsmanship, bikes designed around having fun, and pure outdoor enjoyment. Why Cycles, based in Ogden, UT, will enter the market with three unique models designed for a wide array of cycling disciplines, all available in multiple stock and custom build options. According to company co-founder Adam Miller (founder of Borealis Fat Bikes), “We believe ripping trails with friends, exploring a new off-the-grid road, or rallying into a corner faster than you should is the closest thing we’ve found to true happiness. If we can play a small part in building products that help others reach that level of pure joy with friends, we’ve succeeded.” Why’s initial product line consists of premium titanium bikes. Miller continues, “There’s a lot more to come…Our goal throughout testing and development has been, and always will be, to use the right material for the right application. For our first three models, you just can’t beat titanium.” “Specific materials create specific riding experiences. Titanium provides a smooth and silky ride feel that really rewards these first three models,” says Jason Schiers (founder of Enve), contributor to Why Cycles. Why’s first three models are available for pre-order now: • The S7 (Supple 7): An aggressive 27.5+ hardtail frame designed around 2.8” wide tires for riders who want a versatile, fun-to-ride-anywhere mountain trail bike.side_view_full_build quarter_view_back_full_buildThe R+ (Road Plus): A gravel/road-oriented frame designed for use with up to 700x42c tires for riders interested in an ultra comfortable road, gravel, or cyclocross ride.full_build_SideThe T.F. (Take Flight): A rad 27.5 dirt jump/park frame designed for riders who want the most pimped out, unique bike designed to outdo your friends and take flight.full_build_Side (1) Company co-founder Ben Craner said, “We’re excited to introduce hand-built frames from one of the best titanium frame manufacturers in the world. The combination of the best materials, quality construction and ripping geometry numbers make these bikes an absolute riot to ride.” Why bicycles are currently available for pre-order under the company’s distinct sales model: All bikes will be sold straight from the company to the end user both online and over the phone. Why Cycles will also partner with select high-quality local bike shops and service centers ensuring bike fits, tune-ups, and local bike knowledge is easily accessible to Why riders. Select service centers will be established in cycling communities around the US, and will expand as the company grows. This model is designed to mutually benefit the independent bike shop as well as Why Cycles customers. Further, all Why complete bikes are shipped in an included-for-free Evoc Pro bike travel case to the end user.bike_with_bag Bikes, frames, and framesets are available for pre-order now by visiting whycycles.com or by calling 801-698-3678. Product availability is limited and all orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they are placed.


  1. Awesome lineup, but I can’t help but ask WHY you don’t have a 29er? Once the 650b fashion pendulum swings back, you might come to that realization too…

  2. Colin Anderson

    Pricing? Delivery in S.A?

  3. Shopping for a Ti MTB frame…what’s a new frame go for?

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