The Giro Terraduro shoe is a heavy duty clipless-compatible mountain bike shoe. At first glance, it has a number of features that will help it last the stress of pedaling and hiking for days on end. We will be testing this shoe out in the spring and will report back on how it fairs. The Giro Terraduro will cost you $180 and you can find them on or in your local bike shop.


  1. Tony Oswald

    Love mine, no problems for approx. the last 2 years, but even with the regular toebox version, I needed thicker insoles.

  2. Matt Reynolds

    I’m on my third pair of TerraDuro HV’s, the first pair had the delaminating issue identified by Giro and were warranty replaced. My latest pair I decided to go a full size bigger than previous pairs. It’s so much better having more room in foot box for optional heavier socks or swollen feet. I did over 50 miles of HAB with them on Caldera 500 this last Sept, the vibram soles were very handy, but they seem to wear a little faster than I’d like.

  3. Great shoes, had mine for a year, comfortable right out the gate and pretty good balance between pedaling stiffness and walkable for hike-a-bike stretches. I have a fairly narrow foot and went with regular shoe size.

  4. They look great but, unfortunately, I got caught up in the delamination issue. At that point they though, they decided to blame it on me instead of offering to fix or replace them. Luckily, the retailer reimbursed me for mine. A few weeks later, Giro the did the mass recall. In any case, mine lasted 4 days while bikepacking. Sadly, I used the Privateer as the basis for my sizing but for some odd reason, every ‘walkable’ shoe I’ve ever tried is incredibly wide. Something I’ve never understood.

  5. I also had a pair replaced because of delamination. Now my replacement shoes need to replaced after just over a year of use. The soles wear fast and sections of the sole are coming off. Riding in the mountain west and having some hike a bike rides is too much for these shoes. I would not recommend them if you are looking for a durable shoe that will survive some extended hiking.

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