One of the first winter ultras of the year takes place in northern Wisconsin, a fitting venue for a bunch of crazies to ride their fat bikes 150 miles through the cold moist air along the Tuscobia Trail. The Tuscobia 150 started today at 6:00am with -7 degree temperatures. The race is open to runners, skiers, and cyclists, and there is a variety of race lengths including a 75 mile and 150 mile bike route. These cyclists will race in a semi supported fashion, as only checkpoints and local business are fair game. Any other outside support is prohibited, pretty cut and dry. Racers must stay on the Tuscobia Trail at all times. The 150 mile version starts and ends in Park Falls, Wisconsin. Racers will need to check in to the Winter and Birtchwood Checkpoints before arriving at Rice Lake. Here 150 racers will turn around and backtrack, again passing through the Birchwood and Winter checkpoints before finishing the race in Park Falls. (Click on map to enlarge) 10134 Like many races of this kind, participants are required to carry certain items such as a 0 degree sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, pot, firestarters, lights, 20 square inches of reflective tape and 3000 calories as well as other essential items for cold weather survival.  All of these items also need to finish with you. Last year 20 racers took on the 150 mile version, only 4 finished with Charly Tri taking first with a 20 hour and 26 minute finishing time. The previous year was a bit faster, with Jason Buffington finishing in 16 hours and 33 minutes. The top lady that year was Svetlana Kovalchuk, finishing with a time of 33 hours and 29 minutes. Both the men and woman course records were broken that year (2012) and still stand. This year should prove to be exciting with 26 participants racing the 150. Competition should be stout with many racers returning, including past winners. Keep an eye out for Petervary, Stiller, Tri, Lockery, and Kovalchuk. For live tracking check out this link, or check out the Trackleaders (not everyone is participating with Trackleaders).
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Photo: Thomas Woods
We wish everyone the best of luck today!  

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