I absolutely love Sixpoint’s Resin and all of its big, hoppy, double IPA deliciousness. However, if you want a lighter IPA that still is going to leave a bitter taste in your mouth, its sibling is a fine choice. Bengali is an American IPA that comes in lower on the ABV but still high on flavor. Pouring the beer reveals a beautifully transparent orange liquid with a dense, white head. The enduring pillowy head acts to somewhat suppress the aroma. Until the foam recedes a bit, the aroma is only slightly sweet and mildly hoppy. However, once the head has settled, there is a more definite hop characteristic with aromas of pine, pineapple, and a bit of green apple as the nose combines a hint of malt sweetness with the hops. In this East Coast brewed, West Coast style IPA there is little malt sweetness. The malt that is detected is definitely not the bready and biscuit malt flavors of East Coast English IPAs. The beer’s mouthfeel is somewhat light for 6.5%. There is a brief appearance of papaya and melon sweetness on the front of the tongue just before the carbonation burn kicks in. A bit of a buzz continues on the side of the tongue from both the carbonation and peppery hop note. The finish is fairly dry with an initial pine and grassy aftertaste. However, the flavors of the beer are actually enhanced after the liquid has been swallowed. Waiting a bit before the next sip, one is treated with a symphony of all the individual flavors of the beer with, surprisingly, even a slight enhancement of the tropical sweetness on the front of the tongue. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love the can design Sixpoint uses. The slender cans fit nicely in a jersey pocket, even when wrapped in a koozie. I will caution, as I found out the hard way, that the cans are a bit thin and prone to bursting if they are allowed to rub on each other or a hard object in a bikepacking bag. Be sure they have a bit of padding and are held relatively still when you pack them. As the heat comes back, this refreshing 6.5% IPA is a great companion for a variety of outdoor adventure activities, but it’s an equally fine choice for patio sipping. The cans also mean it is river and festival-friendly. The Sixpoint Bengali IPA is that perfect balance of not too light but not too heavy. The ABV and smaller malt bill allows the hops to really shine in this clean, refreshing, delightfully bitter beer. Cheers, Alex Bikepacker Friendliness (nice can design but make sure they are protected)…8/10 Aroma (a bit dull but hop-centric)…7/10 Flavor (tropical and piney hop notes which linger in the aftertaste)…8/10 Style-Appropriateness (color, IBU and ABV all hit the mark for an American IPA)…9/10
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