The Tasmanian Trail travels through the heart of the Tasi Isl. Traversing the northern low lands climbing up to the mountain / lake central highlands, then traveling down the picturesque Derwent Valley. Navigating around the back of  Mt. Wellington to finish up at the small coastal town of Dover. 300 miles in length the trail encounters paved and gravel roads, tracks, and river crossing resulting in quite a adventure for intrepid cyclist. (Photos/Paul Akerman)tasmania trail (stats)tasmania_trail

What to Know

Start Devonport is a major town and the entrance to Tasmania via ferry from Mainland Australia. The trail description starts at the ferry wharf. However, the trail can be accessed from numerous points along its route. The Trail A Trail for horse riders, mountain bike riders and walkers. The trail links up existing forestry roads & fire trails, country roads and crosses over more than 30 parcels of private land. 90% of the Trail is on some form of made road or track. The Trail passes through a wide range of environments including some of the most beautiful and fascinating areas of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Trail provides a journey rich in cultural and natural heritage. The Tasmanian Trail experience aims to reach audiences not catered for in national parks/reserves. It often passes through small towns allowing travellers to use as little or as much of the trail as they like. It offers a variety of experiences for all – from the most enthusiastic long-distance traveller seeking a challenge to those interested in a shorter, more relaxing excursion. Camping Camp sites are provided approximately every 19 miles. These may be bush sites with limited facilities or commercial enterprises with a full range of accommodation. With detailed pre planning a bike rider can spend each night in a bed. Weather Tasmania lies in the temperate zone but extreme conditions can be experienced in all seasons. The eastern parts are generally dry. Western areas can experience high rain falls most of the year. Summers can be warm with long days and twilight extends well into the evening. Snow and blizzards may be experienced in winter and are not unknown at other times. Resupply The Trail passes through many small towns where food supplies are readily available. Repair facilities for bikes would only be found in major centres.


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