How does this sound?  Get out of your hammock, take another bite of a fresh papaya, walk to the end of the beach, hop on your bike, and ride through a shaded mountainous conifer forest.  Perhaps too good to be true, but Beer Camp Tropical IPA does combine the tropics and the forests as it blends fragrant aromas of fresh fruits with a bitter, piney hop punch. The beer pours a perfectly transparent golden orange and shines brilliantly in front of a setting sun.  The dense white froth leaves a layer of lace as it slowly fades. The nose immediately is bombarded with a bouquet of aromas blending notes of many tropical fruits including mango, passion fruit, papaya, pineapple, and melon.  This sweet bouquet somewhat masks a pine aroma which is there to remind you that you are holding an IPA. Though recessive in the aroma, the hop characteristics dominate the flavor of the beer.  Other than a brief introduction from the carbonation and a mid-tongue honeydew melon sweetness interlude, the beer is hopped-up.  Tropical IPA comes out of the gate with a bright and citrusy hop kick.  The honeydew melon sweetness is the last stand for the tropical characteristics as the finish of the beer offers quite a distinction with its profuse pine flavor.  The piney hops also continue to excite the taste buds long after the liquid has been swallowed making you forget until your next sniff that you started this journey in the tropics. This 6.7% beer is easy drinking and leaves you wanting more.  Just be sure that you don’t wait too long to go out and pick up extra as the limited availability of this Beer Camp Spring 2016 Seasonal means the supply is fading. Sierra Nevada’s Tropical IPA is available in six packs of bottles.  Sip one in the comfort of your favorite chair as you imagine that perfect vacation.  Whether perfection for you is the beach or the forest, you can have both in this beer. Cheers, Alex Bikepacking Friendliness (glass bottles are better for sipping while planning that next ride)…6/10 Aroma (brilliant tropical bouquet)…9/10 Flavor (a little sweet, a lot of hop)…8/10 Style-Appropriateness (IPA through-and-through with just a hint of sweetness)…9/10

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