Bedrock Bags and Packs is a stand out bike bag company based out of Durango, Colorado.  Being a bike bag company that is near The Colorado Trail trailhead, Bedrock is in the perfect location for bikepacking enthusiasts. The owner of Bedrock Bags and Packs, Andrew Wracher, takes pride in the design, function and innovation of his high quality bike bags. I had the pleasure of testing out one of the hand crafted bags from Bedrock last week. Think back to the last time you were bikepacking or on a long day ride. Did you ever wish you had an easy access stash bag, sitting nicely on your handlebars? The Tapeats To-Go Bag by Bedrock is a high quality, water resistant, sleek and functional pack. Bedrock went with a truly unique design for this pack. I have not seen any other stash bags like it. There are many other handlebar bags on the market that are similar in size and purpose, but most have a drawstring style closure. Bedrock has done something totally different here by not only using a water resistant outer material, but by using a secure fold and velcro style closure. This style of closure allows more security for your belongings, from both the elements and from spilling out of the bag. Overall, this style of closure beats the drawstring style closure any day. photo 5 The Tapeats To-Go bag is the perfect stash bag for all of the things you need to easily access on the trail. I was able to fit an extra layer, two granola bars, a map, keys, and sunscreen in the Tapeats bag with plenty of room to spare. It was simple and convenient to access everything I needed. photo 4 The pack connects to the bike with three simple fasteners. It has two high quality velcro fasteners for around the handlebars, and one longer strap with a clip to attach the bottom of the bag to your fork so that it does not bounce around while you ride. I was a bit weary that the bag would be bouncy and in the way while riding, but it connected so effortlessly to the bike and stayed put for the entire ride. photo 1 In addition to it’s functionality, this bag is made of quality materials. The outer material of this pack consists of highly water resistant Cordura fabric. The inner is a sturdy X-Pac fabric which speaks for the durability and load baring capabilities of the pack. From clean stitching to quality of fabric and velcro, the Tapeats To-Go bag is sure to hold up against all elements and be a part of your bike bag collection for the long run.


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