Readers Rig is a series of articles that showcases bikepacking kits from riders around the world. Be it long rides or short, races or slogs, everyone has their own unique set up. We hope you enjoy these rigs and maybe pick up a thing or two to add to your set up.

Lael Wilcox Anchorage, Alaska Age: 29 Day Job: Cyclist

Lael Wilcox was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She began cycling when she was 20 in order to get to and from work in Tacoma, Washington. Within two years, what started as an 8 mile commute grew into riding 50 miles to Seattle, and then all over the U.S.  In the past 8 years she has ridden more than 100,000 miles in 30 countries. She typically works half of the year in restaurants to support her bicycle travel. Last spring, she began endurance racing while traveling in Israel. She returned to Alaska last May and rode 2,100 miles from Anchorage to Banff as a warm up for the Tour Divide. She broke the women’s record by nearly four days. This summer, she is riding from Anchorage to Astoria, Oregon, the start of the Trans-Am Bike Race. Her goal is to break the overall record. IMG_1163 Bike Build: Specialized Ruby Pro Disc UDi2 with an SP Dynamo hub built into Roval CLX 64 tubeless wheels, K-lite Bikepacker PRO front light, Busch & Muller USB-werk charger, Garmin eTrex 20 GPS Bike Bags: Revelate Designs Clothing: Cotton t-shirt, spandex shorts Patagonia base layers: wool leggings, synthetic top Patagonia M10 jacket, Alpine Houdini pants REI down vest S-Works XC shoes Fingerless gloves and regular gloves Comfort is paramount. I layer all of my clothing for maximum warmth and use waterproof layers in cold weather to heat up quickly. Sleep System: Western Mountaineering Highlight sleeping bag (Last Minute Change) Montbell breeze dry-tec U.L. sleeping bag cover Extra gear: Spare eTrex 20– if you don’t have the track, you’re out of the race Pump, tube, patch kit Spare dérailleur hanger Spare Di2 battery and Di2 charger Flip phone Albuterol inhaler

Follow Lael’s Adventures on her blog and on Instagram: @laelwilcox

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