Bike bag manufacturers are popping up all around the globe. It is as diverse an industry as they come – with companies of all sizes, and coming from all locations, and backgrounds. While the industry may be diverse, these companies and their founders seem to all have a few things in common…personality, motives and passion.

Life is no different at the Porcelain Rocket HQ in Calgary, Canada where owner, Scott Felter is spearheading the design of arguably the most innovative and well-manufactured bags in the industry. Scott has the personality of a bag manufacturer, if there is such a thing. He is a laid back and humble artist who cares deeply about doing what he loves. Scott is motivated to push quality over quantity, and doesn’t want to over do it. He believes that keeping up with innovation is more important than churning out bags to keep up with demand. He is simply passionate about making bags for people to get out and enjoy life.
Scott, originally from New Orleans, is a veteran on the scene with 8 years of bag making under his belt. He started Porcelain Rocket in 2009 in Banff, Canada before relocating with his wife to Victoria and eventually Calgary. He began sewing and making bike bags in 2008 when he got home from the Tour Divide after using panniers and a BOB trailer for the duration of the race. The first bag he made for himself was a partial frame bag. 


Scott was always an artist by trade. He attended art school and spent 5 years in Banff as a commercial ceramic artist, hence the name… Porcelain Rocket. But where does the “rocket” stem from? A symbol of exploration and adventure, of course. 

Scott puts a lot of thought into the construction of his products. All of his designs are thoroughly field tested, his panels are die cut for consistency, and he partners with Greg from Hunter Cycles in Santa Cruz for his custom Chromoly rails. His most popular bag, the Mr. Fusion saddle bag, uses the rails to completely avoid sway while riding, and also allow the user a simple bag experience. He sold over 500 Mr. Fusions this year.

The demand for Porcelain Rocket bags is high, so high that if he puts inventory on his site he usually sells out within 48 hours. Even with the high demand, Scott is passionate about keeping it small. With 2.5 employees, he has his hands on every product before it is shipped, and will never have it any other way. As for Scott’s outlook on the growth of bikepacking in the next 5 years? He hopes to see it plateau, and that more solid bag manufacturers will pop up to help fill the growing demand.



  1. I was fortunate enough to spend time with Scott and his wife while making my way to Banff for Tour Divide in 2015. To say he is friendly and cares about his products, employees, and customers is an understatement. He’s a top notch artist as well as top notch person.

  2. Go Scott go!

  3. Steve Jagielo

    What a great dude. All my PR bags are from 2011, I think, and they’re still going super strong. Hoping to get an Orbiter ordered up soon! Keep up the great work, Scotty!

  4. These bags are very well made. I have his bar harness / pouch combo as well as a frame bag which I use full time. Bomber. The Mr Fusion saddle bag is super stable. You don’t even notice it back there when fully loaded. Keep up the good work bro!! 👊🏼👊🏼

  5. Can we expect to see handlebar bag to be manufactured? I only see saddle bag on the website.
    Although I am just starting out, I am looking forward buying Canadian from a small company.

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