Oskar Blues’ Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy pours like motor oil and gets the senses racing.  Aged in bourbon barrels, this souped-up Ten Fidy takes what is already a mighty fine beer and shifts it into overdrive. 

Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy actually comes in at twelve-ninety (12.9%), and the beer’s thick, ebony pour and frothy cappuccino head don’t belie this fact.  Even the brightest lights have trouble passing the dense liquid.  The nose is bombarded with sweet aromas of chocolate, vanilla, molasses, and lesser notes of oak and bourbon.

The beer’s body is just the right balance of creamy and thick without being too viscous.  The tip of the tongue initially picks up many of the flavors the nose predicted with semisweet chocolate, molasses, and vanilla.  There is also a fleeting flavor of dark cherry.  The carbonation burn hits just after the sweet flavors.  The middle and sides of the tongue find a transition to dark chocolate and coffee with just a bit of lingering caramel and vanilla.  A slight alcohol heat and hop bittering are on the back of the tongue before a massively long aftertaste which sees an alternation of these same complimentary notes before a long lingering combination of chocolate, caramel, and fading hoppiness.

Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy is available on draft and in 19.2 ounce Stovepipe cans perfect for packing and sharing, assuming you can restrain from keeping it all to yourself.  This beer hit the shelves in mid-November and is in high demand, so don’t wait too long, or you might just find it has already sped away.



Appearance (black is the new black)…9/10

Aroma (heavy and sweet with some bourbon undertones)…9/10

Flavor (big and balanced with an aftertaste that won’t stop)…9.5/10

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