Alex Rankin and The Bicycle Academy teamed up to create a fantastic film, where they invited legendary frame builder Tom Ritchey in to compare old school frame building techniques to new frame building techniques. It’s great to hear Tom’s perspective on steal, his time saving techniques and bikes in general. For information more visit

“Back in the day when an accident happened and a guy bent a fork….., I would get on the ground and yank on the front wheel, and put my feet on the bottom bracket and pull the thing straight and we’d keep going. thats what you can do with steel.”

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  1. rockets1redglare

    This is a entertaining and enlightening video, thanks for posting. Tom Richey was right *there* when it all began in Northern California in the 1980s, and it’s good to see his enthusiasm and fire still shines brightly all these years later. It had to be a blast for the British frame-builders and bike enthusiasts to learn in such close contact with the master. Tom clearly continues to be a leader in the bicycling world.

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