Last fall, Bikepackers Magazine evaluated the Anything Cage and concluded “the simplicity of the cage has its advantages, like being able to customize the way you carry your gear…we have found great uses for [this] system.” Since their introduction in 2010, Salsa’s Anything Cages have afforded adventure cyclists a unique solution for carrying essential equipment and supplies. The simplicity and versatility of the original Anything Cage cultivated a loyal following amongst the bikepacking community. Admittedly, we were excited for the release of the redesigned Anything Cage and the new Anything Bag this spring.
Anything Cage
The New Anything Cage HD (left) and an original, aluminum Anything Cage (right)
Like its predecessor, the Anything Cage HD is constructed around a three hole mounting plate which interfaces nicely with stock boss forks. In 2014, Salsa refined the original Anything Cage because the rack’s welds were breaking. Constructed from an impact resistant nylon, the new HD model eliminates the problems encountered with first generation aluminum cages. The new cage is well constructed and has been bomber on my spring and summer trips. But further field testing is necessary to evaluate how the new, nylon material will perform when used in frigid, winter temps. IMG_8078The increased surface area of the Anything Cage’s sidewalls are an obvious improvement to the original design. More cage ensures loads up to 6.6 lbs can be securely attached to your bike. Additionally, the new cage’s shape nests gear more effectively with the gridded frame walls providing a plethora of attachment points for those indispensable Salsa straps!
Anything Cage
The Anything Bag safely protects essential gear in all conditions.
Salsa’s engineers took the time to listen to travelers and observe how they were using the original cages. They wisely employed that feedback into the 2015 reboot. Not everyone rolls with fork bosses so Anything Cages are often attached to front forks using hose clamps. We stress that this is Not Officially Recommended by Salsa Cycles! But unofficially, a molded channel on the new cage facilitates seamless integration of hose clamps should one choose to employ this mounting option. A convenient coincidence to be sure!   Salsa also took note of the different bags adventurers were employing with the original Anything Cages. The company now offers a waterproof stuff sack designed specifically for use with the new HD cage. Weighing in at 5 oz., The Anything Bag is a mini-drybag featuring an external, bar-tacked daisy chain and a 4.5 liter carrying capacity. I’ve used the Anything Bag on both bike and raft this spring and this tough little sack is a solid choice for carrying essentials in all conditions.
Anything Cage
Growler to Go! Anything Cages are great for friendly cruises.
It’s always cool when a company’s product goes from good to great based on end user feedback, a quest for quality and a continuous desire to innovate. Kudos to Salsa Cycles on their efforts here. Whether it’s hauling essential supplies or loading up a cold growler from the local brewery, Salsa’s Anything Cages are unequaled in their utility. If your searching for an affordable and sustainable solution to loading more stuff onto your bike, then look no further than the Anything Cage HD. Add an Anything Bag to the mix and you’re ready for rugged bicycle adventures in all conditions. Happy Trails!


  1. Tom Anderson

    Can you give us examples of what fits into the Anything Bag? I don’t have the experience to quantify what fits into a 4.5L bag. Do you use this for clothes? Sleeping pad?


  2. Michael Ackerman

    Great question, Tom. I’ve been using my Anything Bag to haul an expedition weight polypro top, gloves, warm hat and a SOL emergency bivy. I’d say 4.5 liters is good for those safety essentials you need to bring but maybe want to avoid a pack on your back- so the stuff goes on the fork. I’d count on being able to pack some basic layers, small snacks, etc….. Also, a jet boil or some sort of minimalist cook kit and stove set up would also fit in the sack.

  3. I was an early fan of the cages when Salsa first introduced them… until they fell apart about 20 miles into my first trip with them. The revised versions are great however. And the bags!!! I’m currently using the Anything Bags on my fork inside of Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cages with great success. I had some 5L OR bags, but these Salsa Bags are worth the money. Strong and completely waterproof. I’ve been carrying my Regular Sized Neoair Mattress, eVent Bivy, and a Sierra Designs 5×7 tarp in one bag. Under 2.5 lbs, so no worry there. In the other I’ve been getting two pairs of socks, a beanie, some leg warmers, arm warmers, spare bib, and a wool long sleeve top.

  4. Scott Emmens

    Hi, thanks for this revue. Can you confirm the unofficial channel the may or may not fit hose clamps passes through the anything cage, or even better provide a photo of said channel? I can’t tell in the photo with the growler. I was hoping that this was the case but the images I had seen up until now did not seem to show these channels. FWIW I think it is stupid if they don’t have this facility. Thanks, Scott in NZ

  5. I switched out my gen 1 for gen 2 anything cages for Tour Divide this summer. I went with the bags as well. I loved the setup. I had no problems at all with the gen 1 cages, but with the more attachment points I thought would be better, and they worked great.
    What fits into the bags? a MSR 2 L bag filled for Great Basin and Gila. It holds 3 Red Bull cans in the bottom and snacks/food above the Red Bull. Some riders just attached 2L water bottles to the racks, and it seemed to work fine.
    The bags are waterproof as mentioned above. In fact if there is moisture in the bag or whatever is inside, it won’t dry out.

    BTW, the bike is a ’14 Fargo Ti

  6. I used the SALSA ANYTHING cage on my down tube to hold a cleaned out juice 96 ounce bottle of water during my DEATH VALLEY tour. It did not interfere with my pedaling at all. I also had a BOB trailer with 6 gallons of frozen water, needless to say, I didn’t run out of liquid. Some other bike campers that I met only had 3 bottles of water/liquid with them 🙁 Gave out water to them. Great product!!! I camped very comfortably.

  7. What size hose clamps are you all using to attach the cages to suspension forks? Seems like you’d need 5-6 inches?

  8. Brian Bassett

    They use water bottle mounts not a hose clamp.

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