The second annual JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit is taking place in southeast Idaho just northwest of Yellowstone National Park this Saturday, January 10th. With an impressive showing of 35 riders for their first year in 2014, the Fat Pursuit is looking stacked for this years start. The Backyard Fat Pursuit is different than many winter races in that it is solely for cyclists. With two race distances to choose from, there is plenty of challenge for all athletes interested in participating. The 60k is a shorter loop which starts and ends in the same location as the 200k route. Why the name? Tour Divide record holder and all-around storied bikepacker Jay Petevary is the race organizer. He also worked to ensure that the Fat Pursuit is new to the list of qualifiers for the annual Iditarod Trail Invitational. jayp's fat pursuit JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit is like many other winter races in that it has a mandatory gear list. This list contains all of the necessary items to keep you safe and warm such as a zero degree sleeping bag, insulated sleeping pad, ability to carry 48 oz of water without freezing, a stove, etc. There are three mandatory checkpoints for the 200k version of the race. The race is self-supported (aside from the food and drinks provided at the checkpoints), and follows a strict value of etiquette. fat pursuit mapIn the inaugural year of 2014, 19 racers took off on the 200k route and 7 finished. The first place finisher Andrew Kulmatiski ended with a time of 27 hours and 8 minutes. Andrew will be back this year as a veteran to the course. Tracey Petevary took second place overall with a time of 29 hours and 10 minutes. Rebecca Rusch DNF’d after the final check point in last years race, but is coming back this year for redemption. It is also worth noting that last year was rather warm with fresh snow falling which could have slowed times a bit. Overall, with the athletes that are showing up for the 2nd annual Backyard Fat Pursuit, both men and women, it is sure to be a battle to the finish line. 34 racers took on the 60k version with all but 4 finishing. The first place finisher Ben Aufderheide finishing with a time of 6 hours and 40 minutes. The first female finisher of the 60k was Niki Milleson with a time of 8 hours and 58 minutes. For live tracking of JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit check out Best of luck to all participants!  Happy Trails!

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