Nevada resident Jared Fisher has done quite a bit in his 47 years. He is an entrepreneur, adventure and endurance cyclist, and now, he is running for the GOP nomination for Governor in the state of Nevada. Jared just finished a bikepacking trip where he toured the state of Nevada in 13 days covering 1,400 miles visiting towns and chatting with residents. We caught up with Jared to get to know him better.

When did you start cycling?

I fell in love with bikes when I was five. I began a career of Freestyle BMX until I was about 28 years old, then naturally fell into mountain biking full time. Endurance was my nitch because I love to do hard things and suffer with a smile…so 24 hour races, Ironmans, and epic 500 mile road rides became standard place until last year when I began bikepacking.

How long have you been into mountain biking?

Since I was 18. I got my first GT Tequesta in college and used it as a commuter. When I was 20 I started our mountain bike tour company, Escape Adventures, but only did it for work reasons mostly (although I DID love it). I was still enjoying my freestyle BMX career and I spent a lot of my time polishing my freestyle tricks for stunt shows…

Tell us about the recent trip you took?

I rode around the state of Nevada – 1,400 miles or so in 13 days. I enjoyed meeting people and listening to people.

How did your career in public service come about?

Life is a limited time offer. I felt that it was my duty and responsibility to serve at this point in my life. I can’t explain the whole thing in words, but there comes a point in one’s life when you start to weigh your time remaining with your blessings, your freedoms, your quality of life, family, and the things that really matter. I believe that I need to give back and leave this place we call home (Earth) a better place if I can. Serving the public is where I can do it. My wife Heather and I are experienced professionals, tied in with the people, and the timing is right.  

What is your favorite thing about bikepacking?
Connecting with what most people have forgotten – nature.

How do you find time to get out with your busy schedule?
It’s an easy equation for me and one I have followed religiously for 20 years.  I have found in my professional career that I am much more effective in my businesses when I feel healthy, strong, and educated. I accomplish all this every day with a 2 hour bike ride where I read audio books, climb hard grades, jump off anything that makes me nervous, explore new terrain,  and occasionally wipe off some road rash. After the morning challenge, my mind is clear and ready to go to work.

What does an average day look like for you on the bike?
The above is normal. Occasionally I do a little more. In these cases I will do a midnight departure and ride 100 miles overnight, getting back home when my kids wake up for school.

What about an average day off the bike?
I ride 6 days a week. My day off is devoted to my family and church. I strongly believe that you need a day to recharge, and do things for other people and within your community. Service to other people is important for endurance athletes because if you take this out, you become just another selfish athlete.

Tell us about some projects and efforts you are working on within your candidacy that support the cycling community as a whole. 
I support the Nevada State Parks initiatives and growing the biking and hiking trails in those parks. I also would like to add 1-2 new State Parks. I do have a long track record of working with the National Park System, USFS, and BLM, and plan on promoting more trails and separated paths for cyclists on these federal lands in our state. We also need to reconnect our children to bicycling to school. I have worked in Nevada on the Nevada Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board and this is something we advocated for. If I take the Governors seat, Nevada will have a governor who bikes to work every day. That is about the best example you can have for bicycling advocacy in any state.

Favorite food while bikepacking?
Pizza hands down. Burritos are the runner up.

Tell us about your favorite bikepacking route that you have accomplished to date?
Oh boy….so many. Internationally, I love Austria hands down. In America, I really like the Mojave Desert in Nevada and California.

Find out more on Jared’s campaign website. 



  1. I met Jared Fisher & Mark McCann last August during their 4th place conquest of the Comstock EPIC ( Jared was riding a Foes fat full suspension with Monster T Forks, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I know who I’m voting for! We just need to recruit Mark for Lieutenant Gov.

  2. Bonnie l mckibbin

    I would vote if you were running, we need a good person.

  3. Good stock for NV. Wish CO could have someone like him.

  4. Interested in running for governor of Ohio?

  5. Oddly enough, not a word on gun rights on his webpage or any of his press releases. Gun owners are very wary when it comes to this guy.. Not good in this state.

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