Readers Rig is a series of articles that showcases bikepacking kits from riders around the world. Be it long rides or short, races or slogs, everyone has their own unique set up. We hope you enjoy these rigs and maybe pick up a thing or two to add to your set up.

Isaac Chilton Georgetown CA Age 45 Day Job: Service tech at Roseville Cyclery, Roseville CA

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I have been enthusiastic about cycling since I learned to ride. I did my first mountain bike race in 1985. I caught the adventure mountain bike racing bug in the fall of 2014 during the Trans North California. In 2015, I raced the Stagecoach 400, the Caldera 500, and the TNCA. None of which went as planned and that’s exactly why I enjoy this type of racing. It asks you to pay close attention to the details of preparation, yet you have to be open to the unexpected from body, mind, spirit, environment and your equipment. I’ll be riding my Meriwether Fireside UTM with my homemade “I-sacks” luggage. Looking for versatility and accessibility from my kit. Clothing: Roseville Cyclery shop kit with arm and knee warmers. Sleeveless wool base layer. Defeet socks. Windbreaker. Light duty rain jacket and pants. A collection of hats that can be layered as needed. Mid weight gloves. Giro Aspect helmet with attached headlamp. Giro Code VR70 HV shoes. Sleeping: Down jacket, long sleeve wool base layer, thin lycra tights and a thin balaclava. Plus a Sol emergency bivy. Of course all these items could be pressed into service on the bike too. IMG_3161 Stuff: Etrex 20 GPS unit. Dynamo powered Supernova light mounted on the bar. Casio wrist watch. Sawyer water filter. Packable backpack, in case of temporary resupply overload. Bag Balm! Tool Kit and toiletries in one roll, because bike and body are one. Cue sheet. Two pair of cheap glasses – clear and dark. A little camera and my phone. Food and water: 3qt capacity, re-using juice bottles. One of the lids is modified with a tube and the bottle is held in a grab bag on the bar for easy, hands free drinking. Bag of G.O.R.P.

Hopefully that’s it. –


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