Completing the Tour Divide has become a goal for well over a hundred ambitious souls each year as the event has become perhaps the best known self-supported ultra endurance bike race in the world. The challenge is being tackled by riders of all ages with finishing times spread between 14 and 30+ days, and regardless of finishing time, these riders are asking a tremendous amount from their bodies and minds.

In three different years, Kurt Refsnider spent countless hours training and preparing for Tour Divide, and he managed to reach the Mexican border all three times. During each race, Kurt learned more about just how much to ask of his body, how to better train for that style of racing, and how to increase efficiency along the way. Now, with 8 years of ultra racing experience, Kurt has launched Ultra MTB Consulting  to help others prepare for such endeavors and have as much fun along the way as possible.TDCOroad

Tour Divide Training Camp will be the first workshop offered by Ultra MTB Consulting, and anyone considering or planning on racing Tour Divide in the next few years is invited. This event will take place March 9-13 in Prescott, Arizona and will include workshops, planning sessions, and self-supported rides on our beautiful and rugged network of Tour Divide-esque dirt roads.

Rugged Prescott
Rugged Prescott

Topics that we will cover in the workshops include state-by-state route details, training, gear selection, nutritional considerations, pacing strategies, self-care and injury prevention, mental strength. Rides will include several half-day routes and one overnighter with several distance options and a common camp location.

The cost for Tour Divide Training Camp is $700, and lodging and most meals will be provided. For more information, visit Ultra MTB Consulting  or contact Kurt Refsnider at


  1. arodis rodriguez

    i would like to ride im a disabled veteran with ptsd and would like to participate in one of your rides

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