Luke Stevenson has been in the cycling industry for a while, but his most recent endeavor is easily his most creative. After chatting with him about his new company, Vagabond Bike Bags, it’s clear that his motivation in creating an original idea and making it work is important. The OBB (Original Bikepacking Backpack) is just that, a bikepacking system that fits all in a backpack, giving you multi-use and functionality. His brand is more than just an idea, he ensures a lifetime warranty and is proud of that. The video and text below will share with you what Vagabond Bicycle Bags are about about, a innovative way to make your bikepacking bags a bit more useful.
PRESS RELEASE Introducing the Bikepack Backpack. Make any bike an adventure bike. Wander More. If you like bicycles…We like you. At Vagabond Bicycle Bags, we believe in the power of the bicycle. No Racks? No Problem. Introducing the Bikepack Backpack. A system for carrying gear on and off of the bicycle. Our system converts to the task at hand. Old bike, new bike, road bike, cross bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, fancy bike, inexpensive bike it doesn’t matter. Made in the USA of premium materials we will help you bring it with. Our bags are built for life. Guaranteed. Currently featured on Kickstarter, you now have the opportunity to obtain the bags individually or as a complete system for a major discount before they are available to the general public. Vagabond Bicycle Bags is calling upon the cycling community to help spread the word about this project and increase the level of stoke and ability to go by bike among cyclists worldwide. We want you to be able to wander more and worry less. Traditionally, carrying gear on a bicycle has been quite the hassle requiring complex installations of racks and a touring or adventure specific bicycle. There have been unorthodox methods of carrying gear but reliability and safety have been a challenge yet to be overcome with such methods. Over the years soft bags have evolved greatly, but none of them have had the ability to be carried functionally off of the bike. We like the idea of multi-purpose bags, so you can do more with less. Multiple attachment points allow for use on multiple bikes. With the release of the Bikepack Backpack system the days of wondering how to carry your frame, bar, or seat bag off of the bike are over. Use the system as a travel bag, backpacking bag, gym bag, or commuter setup. The possibilities are endless, and the user is free to configure their pack to their personal preference. Compatible with PALS, MOLLE, and 6/12 modular carrying systems. Sincerely the Vagabond Bicycle Bags team. Headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah. | Vegabond Bicycle Bags Vimeo | #wandermore


  1. You say any bike, but what about a bike Friday? Now you might say that bike Friday is not a pipe packing bike. But if you look at my Facebook page, “the little bike that could”, you will see that I’ve taken her on the carretera austral in Chilean Patagonia and on The Great Divide mountain bike route from Mexico to the Canadian border. So what about the Friday?
    The little bike that could & Alyson

  2. Just a heads up that there’s a space in that Kickstarter url, making the link not work. Hopefully it wasn’t in his original press release that he sent everywhere!

    • Lindsay Arne
      Lindsay Arne

      Thanks for the heads up! We fixed the link, we did copy and paste it from his press release. Thanks!

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