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What ever happened to the good ole days, where almost everyone I rode with had a Clif Bar in their possession? Where a Clif Bar was the norm, and everything else was obsolete. What happened was that companies started to improve snacks, started to actually make treats that made your taste buds happy, your mouth water, and your stomach happy. There have been countless start ups that we can’t even keep up with, but one we have recently tasted and used in a bikepack setting is the Green Belly Meal 2Go snacks, and they have proven to really activate our salivary glands.

Green Belly was started by Chris Cage, who was sick and tired of the same old protein bars, fast foods, and perishable foods. As a bikepacker, I can understand that. I can also understand a McDonalds Big Mac, or fruit bowl, but carrying those on your bike can only last so long. That’s where Green Belly comes in. Green Belly Meal 2Go is available in 3 flavors and has a shelf life of 6 months, yet I would bet the tasty treat won’t last that long in your house, unless you buy in
I’m not going to lie, when I first took a look at the packaging, I was a little turned off. Maybe because of the size or label, but I certainly judged the product by it’s cover. Bad idea, because when I ripped the package open of my Peanut/Apricot bar and took a bite, my perception of the product instantly changed. It was delicious. I was just on a day ride where I probably didn’t need that many calories, and I couldn’t put it down. I ate the whole thing during two short breaks in under an hour.

If you are not into finishing the whole meal, and I don’t recommend it as it contains 1/3rd of your daily nutrients of protein, calories, fiber, fats, carbohydrates and sodium, the easy resealable pouch really comes in handy. Inside the pouch are two 100% all-natural ingredient filled bars. The pouch served it’s purpose on a recent bikepacking trip, all I needed was a little bit of water and one bar to get my energy level up for the rest of the afternoon, and I could save the second bar for the next day.

The other two flavors that Green Belly makes are Cranberry/Almond and Dark Chocolate/Banana. Along with the Peanut/Apricot, the three flavors keep things simple, yet provide variety. My personal favorite was the Peanut/Apricot, but I can say all of them are delicious in their own
I won’t bore you with how these snacks work scientifically, because let’s be honest, I’m no nutritionist, I just like tasty food. The one thing I do look at on the nutrition facts of every snack are the calories. The Green Belly Meal2Go packs a big punch for the weight(160g), and relative size of the product. The three flavors come in at just under 650 calories per package, certainly meal worthy.

If you are looking for a balanced meal or snack out on a trip, or even an emergency meal to stuff at the bottom of your pack, Green Belly should be your new go-to. It’s relatively small pack size for the calories, flavor and nutrition is why we ride with Green Belly.

Want to win a few Green Belly meals stuffed into a Rouge Panda Designs Alamogordo? Comment below with your most unique bikepacking snack and we will choose a winner on December 16th, 2016. 


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