Comment below telling us why you deserve to win a FREE race entry to the ACTIF EPICA on February 14th, 2015!

Actif Epica is a one-day, do-it-yourself outdoor active living celebration that will involve communities along the Crow Wing Trail (part of the TransCanada Trail) in southeast Manitoba. Set against the backdrop of a 130km bike or run ultra marathon in the cold weather and brutal winds of a Southeastern Manitoba winter, five festival sites will glow with the warmth of community spirit, the strength of human ingenuity and the beauty of having fun whatever the temperature. Actif Epica is a human-powered event, bringing communities together in a DIY celebration of human ingenuity in a cold (very cold) winter environment. The inaugural edition in 2012 attracted 32 racers and over a thousand co-event participants. By 2014, the race saw 103 registrants (72 at the start line), accolades from across the biking and ultra marathon world, and significant media coverage, earning us the 2014 Manitoba Tourism Excellence Award. Actif Epica has been listed as one of Canadian Cycling Magazine’s 10 Big Rides in Canada, and is a partner with Tuscobia and Arrowhead 135 in a triple crown event known asThe Order of the Hrimthurs. While the event draws its fair share of racers, the bulk of participants ride it as a challenging long ride and a unique winter experience. Participants have travelled to Manitoba for the experience from as far away as sunny California. Unlike the Actif Epica “sister events” (Tuscobia and Arrowhead), this race isn’t quite a fat bike course. In previous years, we have had everything from a fat bike to a cyclocross bike in the top 5. The terrain and landscape is quite varied, so different styles of bikes have different advantages on throughout the route. Actif Epica is a non-profit event.  


  1. I’m 65, I don’t have a lot of races left in me, so I’m trying to do all 11 fat tire races listed as races to do, this is one of the races. I’ve done the Rovaniemi150, I’ve signed up for the Susitna100 and the Backyard Fat Pursuit. I’m slow but enthusiastic about fat tire bike races.

  2. If I win the trip, everyone’s dreams will come true.

  3. I live along the route, almost every ride starts and ends along the Crow Wing trail, the second checkpoint is at my workplace, I’m gonna do the race if I win a free entry or not, but it would be nice to win.

  4. Colin Crolly

    This would be my third time doing the race. Amazing race I am on the fence about this year but free entry would seal the deal.

  5. Hal Russell

    I am 66 years old and an old Vietnam Veteran. I have found endurance mountain bike racing makes me feel alive, gives me a purpose to live, a chance to meet nice people, and explore our wonderful world. It is an unbelievable planet with many great adventures to be enjoyed. I have finished the Tour Divide the last two years and am planning to give the TD a 3rd go in 2016. Then I am setting my sites on qualifying for the Iditarod. I just have to convince my wife doing a winter race would be awesome! 🙂 I live in Missouri and have been using my fat bike to train on during the winters. I know I don’t deserve to win a free entry fee any more than someone else, but it would be cool and maybe help with my wife letting me do such a race! 🙂
    Hal Russell

  6. I didn’t finish last year. I need to redeem myself.

  7. Charles Burchill

    I have finished the ride (I don’t think of myself as racing) every year since it started. It has been a great experience and I met some really wonderful people along the route that I still ride with regularly. Although I don’t have a fat bike they still let me hang out with them and ride along. I am considering riding again this year since it is the opportunity to meet more people, do something that pushes my limits, and tests my resolve. Every year it has been something different and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. The first year it was almost a fall ride, warm, south (tail) wind. Last year I had ~20km of hike a bike and was glad I brought snowshoes, snowing, north (head) wind. I deserve to win an entry to ensure I can actually enter this year and keep the streak going another year.

  8. Dan Clements

    The ACTIF EPICA looks like a great event and would be the perfect next adventure/event for me, and would be my first “winter” race.

    There is no adventure with out adversity!

  9. Kristen Pauch-Nolin

    Would like to see more women racing. Especially since my big sister Andrea Tetrault keeps winning chasing her would be fun!!!!!!

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