One of the more interesting bike accessories Bikepackers Magazine discovered a few weekend’s ago at Outerbike were TOGS; thumb grips for your bike’s bars. “Grasping (fist-gripping) a handlebar consumes energy,” an all to common reality the team at TOGS is trying to change. TOGS provide riders an alternative grip position that’s sure to be appreciated by ulnar nerves everywhere. I installed TOGS new, snap-on grips on my bike and the benefits of the additional thumb/hand positions were noticeable after only a short ride. My Ergon GP3 grips combined with the TOGS offer me a plethora of hand and grip options and definitely provide additional climbing leverage. But a note of caution: Affixing horn like objects to the front of your bike could put you on the wrong end of the bull when you crash! I’m excited to further evaluate the Thumb Over Grip System on an extended bikepacking adventure this weekend. If that shake out proves successful, I anticipate running TOGS on the AZT in a few weeks.
Original TOGS- Made in the USA
Original TOGS- Made in the USA


  1. Nate griffee

    Cool idea. On a different note, what kind of light is that orange one? Thanks.

  2. Anyone tried these on Jones loop bars yet? Work out well?

  3. These look interesting! Any update on how they worked out?

    • Michael Ackerman
      Michael Ackerman

      The TOGS have worked out great! Ample opportunity to readjust and discover new hand positions while riding long distances. I have found the thumb cradle position combined with my palms resting on the ergo grips to be ideal for grinding out many miles. I can also roll with my thumbs only on the TOGs and still get a great, two finger grip on my brake levers….I’m comfortable doing this on moderately technical single track- once things get serious, it’s back to a traditional grip position on the bar grips….Regardless, I would encourage anyone who’s dealt with ulnar problems/wrist discomfort/overall grip fatigue to check the TOGs out. Also, I’ve found that leaving them snug but not fully tightened allows me to tweak resting positions as needed- I’m riding the newer, second gen “snap on” model. For me, TOGs are now standard equipment on my distance rigs….Happy trails!

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