This popular Italian shoe company has been around for nearly 50 years, and with that comes a lot of experience. It excites us that SIDI developed an aggressive, hike-able shoe. The SP15 takes a number of SIDI’s technologies and introduces them to the mountain bike world. Stay tuned for the full review later this summer. You can find these shoes at your local bike shop for $199.99. For more information, visit


  1. Hey Neil,
    What would you say is the stiffest hike a bike shoe out there? I have a specialized s-works trail that i love, but it’s not durable enough for long hike a bikes. I tried the pearl Izumi X-Alp launch II after your review, but I don’t find it stiff enough for serious efforts, though it hikes great. Anything in between?

  2. Try the Shimano m163 or the me7. I love mine. stiff enough for 30+ mile rides and hiking during that ride.

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