Last Summer Salsa Cycles announced their very own line of bikepacking bags during their annual summer trade show, Saddle Drive. We have had the opportunity to test out a few bags since then, but just recently got to play around with their EXP Anything Cradle and Dry Bag. We hope this video can give you a good idea on the setup and the system as a whole. 

To note, the bag or rather hybrid rack system, is meant for ASTM Level 3 Conditons, which in most cases will be fine for your riding style, but be sure to check the chart before use. The bag itself comes with a 15L dry bag, however it can also accommodate any aftermarket dry bag that fits within the cradle. Salsa does recommend a dry bag with some sort of daisy chain for stability purposes.

For more information head over to If you are interested in ordering, head over to your local bike shop. The system will run you roughly $100.


  1. This system is listed as: “Max. Load Weight – 8 lbs (3.7 kgs)”. Have you tried taking up to (or a little over that limit) to see how it performs?

  2. A thorough first look? But the narrator? Has a bad habit? Of stating everything? As a question? Even breaking up sentences? Into multiple parts? And making a question? Out of each part? It gets very? Annoying after? A few minutes?
    Looking forward to the full review, this products solves a lot of interference problems I have with regular handlebar bags.

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      LOL, thanks Dennis. I’ll try to work on that. After editing the short film, I too noticed that being very annoying. Not sure why I took on that tone, but that’s the way it happened.

      Review is actually not that far off, we have been testing it for the past few trips.

      Neil, The Annoying Narrator 🙂

  3. Brad Ferney

    I used this set up last week doing the White Rim trail in Utah, 112 mile in three days. I had my tent, Sleeping pad, and sleeping bag all stuffed inside the dry bag. the total weight was about 11.5 pounds. The trail in rocky and ruff in many places but the cradle never slipped or moved, everything stayed centered in the cradle. Great product!!

  4. Agent Orange

    Americans always take three times as long to explain things as anyone else.

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      I felt the need to include a detailed install as I thought it would be helpful for others, so yes, it was longer than most of our Video First Looks. Thanks for the general statement. I will take note for my future videos.

      All the best,

  5. Any thoughts on using this with a carbon bar?

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      Full review to come, but we would not recommend using them with carbon bars. We sustained a bit of cosmetic damage from the arms.

    • Kris Quandt

      I used with a carbon bar on the Kokopelli Trail last month with out issue. I just put 1 layer of duct tape and tightened to specs. The directions state safe to use on Salsa Carbon Bars and to use carbon paste.

  6. Neil,

    Excellent video explanation and video capture. Any issues / recommendations regarding the cabling on the bars with these clamps?

  7. Geeat video but my Straps are sewn on, how did you remove the buckle and keeper?

  8. Angela Paterna


    Thank you for the video. I also have the front pouch since I bought the ‘system.’ I am going to re-do the webbing after watching this as I had it wrong and have been having plenty of slipping issues. Hopefully it will work.


  9. calcagnolibero

    I have a Fargo with steel fork and Woodchipper bar .
    I mounted a Nitto Rivendell Mark’s rack up front, a Gilles Berthoud Decaleur on the stem. Now I can carry a 14 lt GB28 handlebag or even a 24 lt Carradice Camper (with a spare decaleur adapter) .
    Much safer for the handlebar and more stable and rigid either as the load is carried by the rack not the bar and the load is lower and more near to the steering column.
    Coupled with another Mark’s rack and Camper bag on the rear I can neatly and safely store up to 48 lt using two bags and without looking like a hobo with dry bags and straps.
    With two shoulder strings I can carry my bags when off the bike more easily than any bike packing modern style seat bag.
    My system may be a little heavier but it’s virtually bombproof and I can load and unload my bags in few seconds even at night and in cold temperature or rain or I can directly access my stuff without even dismounting the bag thanks to the flap opening.
    Cotton duck is waterproof and virtually will outlast your bicycling life.

  10. Just curious if anyone has tried this with a Jones bar or the new Surly Moloko? I’m thinking it might just tuck neatly under the extension.

  11. Neil- Contrary to what some readers had to say, I found your narrative to be perfectly done; calm, cool and collected. You speak very clearly and at a pace that’s easy to follow. AND you sold me on giving this system a try. Great job!

  12. I use it for now 2 weeks for my commute to work, and it’s awesome. I choose this one over a bag like an Apidura for exemple, because it doesn’t move at all even on bumpy or gravel road.

  13. Is salsa going to make the clamps in a 35.0mm for big bars?

  14. Hi and thanks for the clear presentation.
    But it’s a pity you didn’t do the set up with the shifters installed on the bars. I’ve just bought a Fargo with some 44cm Woodchippers and there’s not much room to get the bag in without it interfering with the levers. Anyone got any advice on that?

  15. Can anyone that owns the Cradle tell me the outside-to-outside measurement for the clamps at the handlebar? I’m trying to figure out whether they’ll fit between my aerobars clamps. Thank you.

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