We have seen many unique systems pop up over the past three years, especially in the saddle bag arena. When we saw this rack a few years back at Interbike we were intrigued, but it wasn’t until now that we could get our hands on it. We took a first look at this system before it makes its way down the Baja Divide in January. Head over to RidePDW.com for more information on this rack and other cool bikepacking accessories.


  1. Oscar Lazaro

    Thanks for the review. thoughts on the seat post clamp?. Those square corners look like might rub on inner thigh as you pedal??

  2. Tom Anderson

    Neil – what is the dry bag that you are using. I am having a difficult time sourcing something to using inside my Visacha that will somewhat conform to the taper at the front. The bag in your video appears to do that.

  3. I bought a PDW Bindle rack earlier this season. I found it discounted online and paired it with Revelate’s Terrapin bag. While I was interested in PR Mr. Fusion, the Bindle and Terrapin together were less than half of the Fusion and I was working on a budget.

    I took the Bindle on a short three day trip last month and it worked great. I loaded down the Terrapin fairly heavy with food and a heavy cook kit. There was no noticeable side to side sway, and the bracket that attaches the rack to seat post doesn’t rub anywhere. The rack would list when I laid the bike on it’s side, but otherwise sat straight when you’re riding.

    Two issues- I would not use the shorter bolts on a 27.2mm seat post. The bolts need quite a bit of torque to keep sway down, and when using the supplied rubber strip to keep the rack from marring your seat post, the shorter bolts only thread about half way in and feel like they would strip the threads. The longer bolts thread completely through the rack mount, but don’t interfere with the hinge. (Perhaps PDW has changed the length of the supplied bolts.)

    Secondly, the Terrapin had some abrasion on it where it contacted my saddle. The trail I was on was quite rocky and the rack did want to bounce vertically at times due to its load. I tried to minimize the bounce with a strap attaching at the end of the rack which wrapped around the Terrapin and looped back to my saddle. This helped, but I plan to make a small Cordura sleeve that will wrap around the Terrapin under the saddle to minimize abrasion. On smoother trails with lighter loads I don’t think this would be an issue.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try other seat bags, but I’m content with the Bindle / Terrapin system and will definitely use it again. I’m looking forward to your review Neil. Enjoy Baja!

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