ATM Handmade Goods is a company named after the designer himself “Andrew The Maker.” Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Andrew has been designing custom bicycle accessories since 2012. ATM Handmade Goods has some bag designs that set themselves apart from the rest. We haven’t seen many production bikepackers fanny packs, have you? We have a few unique items from ATM that we’d like to introduce to you. We think you’ll like them. All of the bags below are constructed using a multicam X-Pac and a royal blue¬†1000d Cordura. The zippers are all YKK Uretek with nickle plated sliders and a Paracord pulley.

BarBar Bag

ATM Handmade GoodsSometimes a full size handlebar bag can be overkill depending on the gear needs for your ride. The BarBar Bag from ATM is a compact addition to your rig which can either carry additional food, layers, or a couple of beers for your mid-ride break. The bag measures out at 8” long and 4” in diameter. It comes with two zippers pulls that make for convenient opening. This compact bag is the perfect size to fit underneath the cables on your mountain bike, or in front of the cables if you happen to have Jones Loop H-Bar (as pictured above). It attaches to the bar using two Velcro double back straps, and a bungee strap with a stopper to attach around the fork crown. While I haven’t ridden it on dirt yet, it has been very stable on varying fat bike singletrack.

Custom Half Frame Bag

ATM Handmade GoodsATM offers limitless options for custom frame bags. One of the samples on their site is the Gravel Banger Half Frame Bag. We loved the look of this bag, but decided to have one made for a fat bike because ’tis the season here in Colorado. We had seen a few sample bags from ATM, including some bags which use a Paracord weave as the attachment point to the top tube instead of Velcro – and we were intrigued. The custom half frame bag we received is fit for a size small Fatback Corvus. It has a Lexan stiffener that is positioned along the top tube to maintain a firm shape along the length of the bag. The stiffener is a little wider than the top tube, but not too wide where it would rub your knees while pedaling. It also has a nice tapered body for the perfect shape. ATM uses a high-density closed cell foam along the perimeter of the bag to maintain shape. The Paracord weave along the top tube is more sturdy than I would have ever anticipated. After trying bags with a bungee weave, the Paracord is much more stiff. While it may not be 100% Velcro-free, it is still a unique and reliable way to attach a bag. I do not know yet if the Paracord will rub on the frame as Velcro does, but my guess is not. With that being said, ATM has included a rubberized non-slip fabric on the frame facing side of the Velcro straps which sit along the seat tube and down tube.

Goodtimer Fanny Pack

ATM handmade goodsBikepackers with fanny packs? Possibly not your traditional choice for a gear carrying solution, but definitely a unique way to carry your extra items. The Goodtimer Fanny Pack from ATM fits comfortable on your lower back, and is secured with a wide belt made from webbing and a large buckle to hold it in place around your waist. The Goodtimer could be used to carry anything from extra water on your overnight in the desert, to lightweight layers in changing weather. This new age fanny pack is so comfortable, you barely realize it is there.

Andrew The Maker Handmade Goods


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