Fat Free showcases Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, & Brett Tippie getting down on some of the most unique biking you will ever see. Fat biking the BC coast down snowmobile trails, singletrack and even powder, these guys make it look like a lot of fun! It is pretty amazing what these bikes can handle.


  1. What a bike

  2. The parameters of the fat bike phenomenon is growing it would seem. Though I’ve done nothing remotely like these guys have done of my Mukluk, I have enjoyed going places on it in winter that I had never before tried on any sort of bike.

    Yesterday, for example, I took the Muk out for a spin along our nearby river (the day after 4 inches of snow had fallen), as well as out onto the windy sand bars, and had so much fun just exploring around. Walking that same area would have required more than a few hours. But on the fat bike, I covered a lot of area, and in a short amount of time, and still had plenty of time to stop and look around!

    I was rewarded by coming across an adult red fox, several Bald Eagles perched in the cottonwoods, troops of Canada Geese, a Cardinal glowing intensely in the winter light against snowy branches, and…not another human in sight! A fat bike is a freedom machine.

    Up next…the Rio Grand Gorge rim in New Mexico!

    Loved the video!

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