Surly and 45 NRTH have both announced some big news today.

Surly has announced their much anticipated 190mm symmetrical fat bike called the Ice Cream Truck. The bike will keep its signature Surly steel. It will offer thru axle compatible dropouts as well as QR and will also sport a 100mm bottom bracket. reviewed the bike and had this to say “It’s a stiffer fat bike, with a much more playful geometry.” It is looking like 190mm is becoming the standard.

45 Nrth Dillinger

45 NRTH has announced the 5″ Dillinger fat bike tire. The Dillinger is a favorite for many, but when the going gets deep, 4″ tires can only handle so much. The new 5″ Dillinger’s will come with 258 stud pockets, giving the freedom to create a custom pattern. For more information check out their website.

Its a fat bike kind of Friday.


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