REI follows Lael Wilcox during her attempt at the Arizona Trail Race ITT this fall. Many of you know Lael from taking on the Tour Divide twice last summer, in which she set a new record, then beat her previous time. A few months after her ITT of the Tour Divide, she took on the Arizona Trail Race, one of the three big bikepacking races in the United States. Starting at the Utah/Arizona boarder, she traveled 220 miles through open plains, carried her bike through the Grand Canyon, and rode through ponderosas pines. Unfortunately she succumbed to breathing issues and decided that continuing was not worth the damage to her body. Lael is now preparing to race the Trans Am this summer by training and route finding on the Baja Divide in Mexico.

Arizona Trail Race 750 Records: Kurt Refsnider – 7:06:35 & Alice Drobna 9:13:53


  1. Sweet video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Robert John Hebert

    I rode the Arizona Trail today, 14.5 miles on horseback, in the Santa Rita mountains, future site of the Rosemont Copper Mine. Wish I could post pics. Help stop the mine, it isn’t needed… Obama should declare the area a National Monument.

  3. Lael is an inspiration!! She is out there pursuing her dreams and going beyond the limits in a very difficult, but rewarding way to see the world. it is truly amazing to watch her achievements. Glad to hear she’s racing the Trans Am! I just read the book Race Across America where author Amy Snyder talks about athletes pushing themselves in these cross country cycling races develop breathing problems. I hope Lael’s breathing issues go away! We’re pulling for you Lael! You go girl!

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