Stepping into the bikepacking market, Topeak is excited to release their new bikepacking video, “Disconnect to Reconnect,” highlighting their bikepacking series released this year and their Bikamper, which has been around 10+ years.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Living in today’s world there are countless temptations in the rat race that lead to higher levels of anxiety and stress. Let’s step back for a moment, pack some essentials and get on a bike for a three day bikepacking trip to somewhere far beyond civilization. Disconnect temporarily to reconnect with a stronger mind and body. In “Disconnect to Reconnect” video, Topeak follows professional riders, Sarah and Dylan, on a three day excursion through the Rocky Mountains. Both full-time workers, this is their chance to slow things down a bit, reset, and get ready to come into their next week ready to go.
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  1. Much more affordable than most of other bikepacking stuff options… Good job and thanks!!!

  2. Hi, what’s the $$ RRP on this gear please? Thanks

  3. don ostertag

    A lot of stuff seems to come out of those tiny packs…

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