I have been working on my bike for the last 7 years as a bike messenger in Salt Lake City and trying to involve cycling in everything I do. With the advent of packrafting, we have been able to be very creative in the routes that we choose. No longer is a river or lake an issue. Boat goes on bike, bike goes on boat. The possibilities are limitless. Jason Bryce (the other guy on the yellow packraft) came up with this route on the fly. He has ran the Dirty Devil Daily more times than anybody I know. Enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the adventure.

Dirty Devil Daily

Dirty Devil Daily


  1. Awesome Graham!

  2. That was awesome! Very inspiring!

  3. Looks like what I want to do. But have not decided on what raft to try, since for me it is a significant outlay of funds. Did you use the lightest Alpacka?

  4. I used a Denali Llama made by Alpacka Raft, its their large size all purpose boat. You can find all the specs and info here: http://www.alpackaraft.com I have had mine for years and its bomber!!

  5. What are the entrance and exit points for the daily? Thanks.

  6. Park at the Dirty Devil take out for Cataract Canyon. Ride the UT95 paved road to the Dirty Devil bridge. About 100 yards before you get to the bridge there’s a dirt road on your left. Take the road tell it ends and your at the put in. Take the river back to car. It’s about 7 miles on the bike and 11 on the river. Stay the night at the put in if you want to hike Scar Tissue Canyon.

  7. i got 2 words…



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