In three weeks I’ll again be in Stillwater about to embark on my third Land Run 100.  That ride was my first real introduction to the gravel community and the start of a deep rooted love of gravel events and drop-bar gravel rockin’.  Post-race pizza at Hideaway was also my first introduction to Coop Ale Works from Oklahoma City and the beginning of a continuing infatuation with their fine IPAs. I have previously written about their F5 IPA, and this week I’m going to tell you about its big brother, Alpha Hive Double IPA.  The beers are definite siblings and share a lot of characteristics.  Though Alpha Hive is the stronger of the two beers at 9.1%; the ABV is hidden dangerously well in this easy drinking double. Alpha Hive pours an opaque golden orange with a pillowy tan head lingering above.  When the can is first cracked, pine aromas immediately excite the nose, but this aroma tends to be more subdued in the glass.  Still the nose invokes images of pine needles and resinous sap.  Play detective a bit, and you’ll also discover hints of honeydew melon, orange, and pineapple sweetness in the aroma. Alpha HiveThis sweetness dominates the front of the tongue after the passing of the light carbonation burn.  The pleasant sweetness is that of honey with a slight orange zest.  The hops come in as the beer travels towards the back of the tongue.  I think the hop bite seems a bit tame for a 100+ IBU claim, but I do feel the hops used focus more on flavoring than bittering.  The hop profile is rather one-dimensional.  This is far from a criticism as it results in a clean and distinct piney dankness that lingers long in the aftertaste.  The beer definitely doesn’t want you to forget it.  The piney aftertaste just won’t quit, and you’ll even notice it creeping up the sides of the tongue and flavoring your entire mouth long after you swallow. 16 ounce cans are bikepacking friendly and great for taking along on your next adventure.  If you happen to have an extra in tow at the Land Run, be sure to holler at me.  If not, meet me for a few at Hideaway after. Cheers, Alex Bikepacker Friendliness: (16oz cans are a great traveling companion)…8/10 Aroma: (could use a bit more punch)…7/10 Flavor: (initial sweetness and an aftertaste that won’t leave)…8/10 Style-Appropriateness: (more hop bite would help distinguish this from a regular IPA)…7/10
Alex writes a beer review every other Friday. Two weeks ago he reviewed the Oskar Blues Death By Coconut  Death by coconut

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