In a time and place where both plus and gravel bikes have become a staple in the adventure cycling world, it’s no surprise that we have seen, and will continue to see, many manufactures launch these capable rigs. While drop bar gravel bikes capable of fitting 2″+ tires are more common these days, Bombtrack focused on creating a bike around the 27.5 platform, and they are keeping things simple with one model. Check out the photos below for a sneak peak before we provide you with our full review down the road.
Photos by: Jason Sellersbombtrack-hook-exp-2 So what does the EXT stand for? Well the truth is we can’t even remember any more, extreme, extended, extraordinary…take your pick.  The important thing, is what the Hook EXT is. Built on a 27.5” rim and using a wider tire produces a wheel with the same outer diameter as a typical 700x28c. This means it’s possible to run bigger knobby mountain bike tires, with all the grip they offer, yet retain the geometry of a CX/gravel bike, something gravel racers have long dreamed of. This is made possible thanks to a specially designed frame that utilizes a wider bottom bracket and yoke to maintain a wide yet short rear end. The Columbus Cromor double-butted tubing has the perfect blend of being lightweight yet durable, perfect for gravel riding. The fork was then developed specifically for this bike, with a super wide crown offering massive tire clearance and a stiffer tapered steerer tube for more accurate handling.bombtrack-hook-exp-6bombtrack-hook-exp-1830 bombtrack-hook-exp-1842 The SRAM Rival 1 is ideally suited to the Hook EXT, thanks to its simplified 1x design with clutch derailleur, wide range cassette and X-sync chainring providing smooth shifting in any conditions. The hydraulic brakes bring a superior stopping power to the EXT, which is reassuring on steeper technical descents. The versatile build is designed to offer as much all-round use as possible, so if your journey is mainly on-road, swap out the wheels for a set of 700c’s, with anything up to 45c tire. 

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EUR: 2.399,99 €URO USA: 2.2399,99 $ AUS: 3.499,00 AUD UK: 2.179,99 GBP CAN: 2.999,99 CAD

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