The handlebar bag may be the most complicated bag, but one that is pretty important if you enjoy comfort while out in the backcountry. Each persons cockpit (bars, stem, shifters and brakes) are different, which makes designing a universal handlebar bag difficult. Just like bikepacking itself, it will take some trial and error before figuring out which straps go in front or behind your brake and cable housing. Another part of the puzzle is making sure your bag does not hit your tire when you compress your suspension fork. There are two main types of handlebar bags, the one piece system and the two piece harness system. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses, it will most likely come down to personal preference.

Bag Manufacturers

*All prices are noted in the currency of the company origin. To convert currency, please follow this link. All prices are base or fixed prices, bags may be more expensive than listed.
CompanyLocationBag NamePriceNotesCoverage
AlpKitUnited KingdomJoey / Kanga Harness Systems£12.00 / £45.00Dry bag sold separatelyAlpkit Field Testing Part 2
Andrew The MakerMissouri, USABarbar Bag$65
ApiduraEnglandHandlebar Pack Compact / Regular£65.00 / £75.00Pocket sold separately - $40
Barking Bear Bag WorksMichaigan, USAHarness$65Harness only
Bedrock BagsColorado, USAEntrada with panel / Entrada with pocket$125 / $150Comes with pocketReview: Entrada Handlebar Bag with Pocket
Bike Bag DudeAustraliaHandlebar Rolls 17cm/ 22cm / 28cm$200AUD / $220AUD / $240AUDSlings can be purchased seperatlyReview: BBB HandleBar Roll
BikepackPolandDoubletwist Barbag299 PLNComes with pocket
Blackburn DesignCalifornia, USAOutpost Handlebar Roll & Drybag$99.99Complete harness system
Bolder Bikepacking GearColorado, USAFront Carrier System: Dry Bag / Harness and ocket$40 / $100Dry bag sold separately - $40Site Visit : Bolder Bikepacking Gear
Carsick Designs California, USAHandee Randee$240Pocket and Stem bags attached
Cleaveland Mountaineering Colorado, USABar bag with pocket$75Dry bag not included
Conquer Bikepacking BagsThailandHandlebar BagComes with pocket
Crater PacksColorado, USAHandlebar Capsule Bag Harness$120
Defiant PackColorado, USAMcClure Front Harness & Bag Kit$38Dry bag not Included
FairweatherJapanHandle Bar Bag$128Comes with Pocket
GiantTaiwanScout Handlebar Bag$80Complete harness system
JPaksColorado, USAH-Barpak$180Comes with Pocket
Miss GrapeItalyTendril€109Complete harness system
Notnee BikepackingRussiaWheel Bag2400 RUB
Nuke SunriseTexas, USASuperfortress$95Dry bag sold separately - $25
Oveja Negra Colorado, USALunchbox / Front End Loader$45 / $50Both can be used together or separate. Dry bag not included
Phantom Pack SystemsNew Brunswick, Canada Pack Rough Ride Handlebar Bag$99.98 CAN
Porcelain RocketAlberta, CanadaMCA Handlebar System$120 CANDry bag not included
RestrapEngland#CarryEverything - Bar Bag + Dry Bag£64.99Complete harness system. Food pouch - £19.99 Restrap – Carry Everything Bags
Revelate DesignsAlaska, USAHarness / Sweetroll$75 /$100Dry bag not Included - $38 Pocket: S-$42 / L-$47
Rock GeistNorth Carolina, USASwami Handelbar Harness$49Harness accessory bag - $39. Dry bag not included
Rogue Panda DesignArizona, USACanelo Handlebar Roll$80
Spok WerksSwitzerlandHobo Harness / Nomad€75 / €125Accessory Pouch (Ramora): €45
Stealth Bike BagsNew ZealandHeapy Harness / HANDLEBAR ROLL
$120 NZD / $135 NZDAccessory Pouch: Front Loader - $60NZD
Switchback BikebagsColorado, USAPocket / Handlebar Bag$40 / $99Pocket can be used with our without handlebar bag
Ural TourRussiaHandlebar Bag$40
Wildcat GearUnited KingdomLion / Fat Lion£65 / £75Accessory pack, Lioness - £45
Wanderlust Virginia, USASawtooth Handlebar Bag System$135Pocket includedReview: Gear Bag Review

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