We travel because we need to, because our wild adventurous spirit can’t live according to the norm. We travel to regroup, to reinvent, and to be the best we can be, to find joy in the ordinary and peace in exploring.

We met a little over three years ago and were drawn to each other because of our desire to discover a life that was extraordinary. It was our affinity with nature and our drive for adventure that led us to create a nomadic life on our bikes. 
We didn’t have fancy touring bikes or any professional bikepacking gear so we made the best of what we had. We did our research, rented out our house, sold all of our unnecessary belongings and became resourceful – we even sewed our own bikepacking bags from old backpacks! We also set into action a plan to make a living online to cover our basic needs.  And then it was go time. We waved goodbye to our families and friends, hopped on our bikes and started pedaling.

Our plan was simple; to pedal wherever our hearts desired. We wanted to make every moment count by experiencing new cultures, diverse environments and throwing ourselves into new, exciting adventures every day. 
Our journey started in Phuket, with a month cycling across Thailand to Bangkok. Following this great introduction to our new nomadic life we then headed to Europe, escaping the fast approaching monsoon season, following the sun to the European summer.

Landing in Nice, France we had a week to make it to the small town of Uzès, located west of Avignon. We were so excited by the South of France. It was built up in our minds as a cycling mecca, so we were unpleasantly surprised by our first few days of highway riding alongside the relentless speeding traffic, with little to no room for our wheels.

It wasn’t until our first nights stay using the ‘Warm Shower app‘, a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists, that our daily cycling routes changed. Being hosted by local, avid cyclists we were able to get a real insight into cycling routes off the beaten track, many of which weaved through farmland on dry, rocky single tracks. This is what we had been seeking, the road less travelled! 

Check out our video “Bikepacking France Ep. 1” for our adventures on the road less travelled. We visit small french towns with names we can’t pronounce, experience true hospitality from our local hosts, all the while building up a hefty appetite for fresh adventure and, of course, for the legendary French cuisine!

Stay tuned for more videos from Kyle and Hayley, but in the meantime visit the links to stay in tune with their travels. 
Website: www.twowanderyonder.com 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wo.wander.yonder


  1. George Pauwels

    I envy your life with circumstances that allow you to be what you want to be and do what you want to do. It looks like a wonderful life. Enjoy it while you can!

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