Whether you are touring, racing on a loaded bike, or out for a day ride, comfort and control are always something to look for in a setup.  The more comfortable you are, the longer you can ride. The better control you have, the less chance you have of crashing. Riding deep into the backcountry is often about minimizing mistakes. 

Conveniently, TOGS can easily be installed on most grips. Only grip shifters provide difficulty. Personally I think they work best with ESI grips. If you use the carbon-hinged system, you won’t be forced to remove your grip when installing your TOGS. Simply snap the TOG on and tighten the 2.5 mm Allen, and boom, you’re ready to grab your bike by the horns. Unfortunately, with the non-carbon colored versions you will have to remove your grip before tightening the Allen (like on the carbon version). However, once your TOGS are installed you do not need to remove them for adjustment. I found that leaving them slightly loose allows for on-the-fly adjustment should you want them slanted one way or another.Bike Togs

TOGS yield a great amount of increased control and are surprisingly comfortable. The first ride or two you may find you have to adjust to using them but once you get used it; you’ll feel naked without them. After my first long ride with TOGS I really noticed my hands feeling better than normal. I originally started out with them on my cross-country bike and quickly put them on my bikepacking machine as well. My first long distance trip with TOGS included plenty of long dirt road sections and singletrack between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon on a section of the Arizona Trail. They allowed me to switch my hand position, increased my leverage when climbing, and provide an extra handle on the bars when hike-a-biking. By creating a secondary grip position they allow you to change the positioning of your hands on the handlebars, therefore reducing the levels of numbness, pressure and aching. I noticed a large increase in climbing efficiency when riding with my thumbs on the TOGS while navigating technical singletrack. One of the goals of TOGS was to replace the dangerous and out-of-style bar ends that are not common now. This option is much safer, lighter, cheaper, and more comfortable. Try them out! Like anything you’ll learn quickly if they work for you or not, but I highly recommend adding them onto your bike for your next big adventure or tour to ensure comfort and control. While the benefits may seem minimal, they are worth their low cost and low weight.Bike Togs

As mentioned, TOGS come in 2 models. The first is the carbon fiber hinged option (approximately 40% carbon) and the second is the non-hinged option that comes in eight color options and is manufactured from a nylon resin. Both are extremely light, weighing in at sub 20 grams a set, and are made in the United States. The carbon model is slightly more expensive, at $30, while the colored options are only $20. TOGS can likely be found at your local bike shop or online at www.togs.com.bike togs


  1. Very cool! I’m prepping for a couple of 12+ hour races, and have been wondering if these would be valuable in the game of keeping hands from getting sore too fast. Thanks for the thoughts Ian!

  2. Brian Kennelly

    Thanks, Neil,
    I’ll give them a try. I definitely need more hand position options on my flat bar. After 7 days of 13+ hours on my last bikepack, I have yet to recover full strength and dexterity to my hands after 3 months. The severity of this problem is probably due partly to my age and genetics, but I believe that everyone is subject to these symptoms to some degree. I love bikepacking and don’t want to be forced to choose between it and the full use of my hands.

  3. Love my togs!! Prior to testing them out, riding rigid was becoming a real problem for my wrists and back. On a whim I gave them a shot and to my surprise problem solved. The amazing thing is when you get used to them you will find yourself changing hand positions constantly without even realizing it. Great product with ESI grips as mentioned above.

  4. I’ve had my TOGS for about 4 or 5 months and love them.

  5. No Problem Kitt! Let me know if you need a pair, i can get them to you quicker then waiting for shipping.

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  7. can you get these in the UK?

  8. Just an update, you can now get the non-carbon versions that don’t require the removal of your grips, they’ve dubbed them flex togs… 👍🏽

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