Many bike bag manufactures are working hard to develop new ways to set their designs apart from the rest. They have been adding slings and harnesses to allow you the convenience of not having to disconnect your bag. They have been utilizing unique clips to ensure strength, as well as crafting the bags with highly durable and ultralight fabrics such as cuben fiber. There have been bags hitting the trails with unique color choices and patterns emulating things such as state flags and fudge dipped waffle cones with cherries on top. Bedrock Bags and Packs out of Durango, Colorado has not skipped a beat when it comes to keeping up with the Jones’s (and going above and beyond). ACW_6160The Entrada Handle Bar Bag has recently been redesigned with new upgraded features and benefits.  The main compartment is for hauling cargo and larger items, while the smaller pocket bag is an excellent addition for storing smaller and more frequently accessed items. The body of the bag is comprised of a durable high quality Dimension Polyant VX-42. This material is an outer laminate of 420 denier cloth which increases the abrasion resistance. The thread and the stitch quality of the handle bar bag have also greatly improved. Throughout the entire bag, Bedrock is now using a UV resistant thread. IMG_7133 There is one main seam on the body of the bag – with the new upgraded Entrada, Bedrock has moved this seam to the bottom of the bag as it sits on your bars to increase water resistance. They have also strategically placed a patch of Hypalon (CSM) to the top of the main bag with a specific shape to protect your bag and bike from any rub from your brake levers, shifters, and stem bolts. IMG_7146 The pocket is a great accessory to the bag. It uses the same system as Bedrock uses on their Tapeats bag. This closure system creates a rainproof pocket with zero chance of zipper failure (as there is no zipper to fail)! The pocket bag lays flat when empty, and can expand to hold a significant amount of gear.IMG_7137 The main section of the Entrada works together with the accessory pocket bag to create a giant compression bag using the attached straps. This systems creates a tightly compressed system that Bedrock Bags and Packs claims is solid and secure, even on the roughest of trails. IMG_7140 We are looking forward to testing out this bag over the winter.  Stay tuned for a full length review! In the meantime… check out this short video of a day in the life of Bedrock Bags and Packs.

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