With more bikepackers wanting to implement dropper posts into their bikepacking rigs, it only makes sense that the bikepacking bag industry evolves with the trend. Bedrock is again at the forefront of design with their Black Dragon, a dropper post friendly saddle system that is also compatible with regular seat posts.

The Bedrock Bags Black Dragon is available in black, red, gray, dark camo, olive green, and coyote brown. 
  • Standard Post: $175
  • Dropper Post (W/Valais + Cinch Strap): $200
Visit BedrockBags.com for more information.


  1. Greg Shepherd

    Good review Neil. Bedrock says this won’t work with a dropper with external routing of control cable (e.g. Rockshox Reverb). It seems in the video that you have an external cable. Do you think this bag will work with an external cable running up the side of the dropper post?

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      I saw that and wanted to give it a shot anyways. It is because the strap that goes around the Valais will typically come out to rub against the external cable, or cable mechanism. I can’t speak for the Reverb, but the Thomson Elite works flawlessly, no rubbing. You just need to adjust properly. We will make sure to test it on the Reverb external and report back.

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