A beer bag huh? Well, you have my attention. When I first heard about these bags from Becker Gear I was pretty excited to have my own mobile beer dispenser mounted on my down tube. I’ve been running the bag sporadically on appropriate rides over the last 10 months. Since it’s labeled as a beer bag it does work quite well with a load of 4 x 12 oz beers as well as 3 x 16 oz or 2 x 24 oz options. It can hold other things but you have other bags for that…

From a construction perspective this bag is heavy duty. The fabric and zipper both scream Alaska, burly and tough. This is not any sort of ultralight bag, it’s made with heavy duty materials. I have not fully tested the waterproof nature of this bag but it’s held up well in the rains acting as a fender, my cans were cold but not wet.

The mounting system for the bag is made up of 3 straps that all attach to your down tube. The straps are velcro and don’t use a cinch system. I think some cinch style straps and some rubber would improve the amount of swing but it’s about a 4 lb. bag when full and may be likely to swing regardless.

Because of the nature of the bag, being with no secondary attachment points, it does move when you ride. A bit of a swinging movement on singletrack, not much as much in more flowy riding. I have included a video when running the bag with 4 full beers to show the movement as well as a video of the bike in a stationary position with the same load. When riding you don’t notice the swing in the bag and it has no signs of wearing from chainring impact but I have not ridden it heavily on singletrack. I see this bag functioning very well for any ride outside of chunky singletrack. For somewhat mellow track it’s a great bag to be able to open and hand out a couple brews to your fellow riders. To look at this a bit more, I have run it on my road bike as a half frame bag strapped to my top tube. It’s worked marvelously in that respect and with the simple addition of a small strap you can add another attachment point and make the bag more solid. I do like the size of the zipper opening while riding on the fly as well as the ability to tuck the very same zipper away when the conditions get wet or mucky.

I believe that this bag is reasonably priced and provides a nice amount of storage. I was hoping it was more stable to run during the weekly singletrack night rides that occur somewhat heavily over the winter season, but those are a bit much for the bag. Overall, it does a great job of holding a sleeve of brews and may offer those looking for storage in odd places a new option.

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