There are always mixed emotions for me when a product I love is updated or replaced.  When Assos launched their S7 line, I must admit, I was sucked into the hype surrounding the Game Changer advertising, but I was also hesitant to believe that the new version could be that much better than my favorite bibs, the Assos S5 Mille.

I absolutely loved my Milles. Over the years I had 6 pairs of them, and they were my go-to bibs for long days.  The Mille literally saved my butt on the 336 miles of Trans Iowa gravel.  But by early season last year, I had worn out all of my Milles.  Fabric was thinning at the hips and back or at best had taken a bronze tone from sun exposure.  So I bit the bullet and ordered two pairs of the S7 T.Cento. The Mille was, and still is, the most comfortable bib I have ever worn.  Unfortunately, that means that the Cento is not. 

Highlight unfortunately because the price of the S7 model exceeds that of the Mille with the bibs retailing for $329.  For that much money, I don’t think I have unreasonable expectations to want everything about the bib to be perfect, but the truth is I am not at all impressed with the S7.

S7 Bibs on the left.
S7 Bibs on the left.

The main area of improvement over the Mille is in the material of the legs.  It is lighter, slightly more compressive, bunches less, and wicks moisture better which also means it dries faster.  The biggest disappointment is the pad.  It is significantly thinner than that of the Mille.  The Mille pad truly did offer all-day comfort.  With the S7, comfort in the saddle for me severely degrades around the 3 hour mark with sustained out-of-the-saddle time necessary to give the butt a break.  In addition, the pad is not sewn on the sides in an effort to eliminate seams from rubbing on the inner thigh, but I have found that it sometimes pinches me in this area.  Finally, Assos has introduced a kukuPenthouse (their phrase; no joke) which is a cut-out in the front of the pad intended to provide genital pressure relief and increased comfort.  It is my experience that this only acts to bunch things up and is less comfortable than the Mille design without this feature. 

KukuPenthouse is the black box on the left. 🙂

Assos specifically markets these as their ultra-distance bib, but it just is not.  The Mille was far more comfortable for the long-haul.  It seems Assos has tried to blur the line between their racing bibs and those made for longer distances.  This has created several shortcomings with the Centos and has left me looking for replacements.  So help me out, and comment below with your current favorite bibs for the big days.


  1. Kevin Hinton

    I feel the exact opposite of this review . I love my S7,they are my main bibs for any ride over 100. Field tested and proven with 1000s of miles .

    • I’m glad they are working for you, Kevin. I know bibs are such a personal item that we can have drastically differing opinions. I am still wearing mine on the long rides, and I have found with enough Assos chamois creme they are better, but they just don’t feel near as good to me as the previous generation.

  2. I agree with you about the Assos S7 Cento bibs – they are the least comfortable shorts that I own, and so I only take them on rides that will be less than 2 hours long. I do disagree with you about the Mille shorts though because I find that they are also not so comfortable due to the pad being far too thick and bulky on both of them. The S7 is the worst though because it often folds up in the back and gives me a wedgie, and I know of other people who have experienced the same thing. I work in a bike shop where we sell a LOT of Assos shorts to rich men who assume that higher cost = higher comfort, and I normally fail to convince them that our more reasonably-priced brands might actually be better.

  3. I bought a 1000 two years ago before a 8-days trip from Milan to Rome. Nothing to say abou the pad itself, very conmfortable even after 6/7 hours of bicycle, but I early discovered some terrible lack of quality.
    The main issue is the “kukupenthouse”, since it is made of a different material, a kind of light and traspirant textile.
    1) After hours and hours under the sun of Italy, the color of the “kukupenthouse” faded from the rest of the BIB.
    2) The textile of the kukupenthouse is too fragile. If you pinch it with a tool or a nail for example, it snag.
    All this too easily for a such expensive bib. Actualy it is garbage.
    I do not recommend this BIB.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I am not having any issues with the material there yet, but I do agree it’s a bit thin.

  4. I’m sure you know but you can still by the Mille at their “outlet store”. In that really expensive price range you might look at I believe the man that started that was one of the designers of the earlier Assos line, not the S7.

  5. I’m sure you know but you can still buy the Mille at their “outlet store”. In that really expensive price range you might look at I believe the man that started that was one of the designers of the earlier Assos line, not the S7.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with this review, my thoughts exactly. My Uno S5’s are my favorite bibs of all time. I went with the hype and bought a NeoPro S7 into the collection and even though the quality of the overall bib is good, I can’t get used to the new pad design. I managed to find one last Uno which I’ll use sparingly for longer rides, but the NeoPro s7 is a big disappointment and I can’t understand why they discontinued the s5. Especially if you consider it’s price point, where I got the Uno’s for €75,- and paid over €125,- for the s7’s.

  7. Having just bought a pair of Centos to replace my F1 Mille, I was very disappointed when they arrived. The straps looks like the are stitched on pieces of elastic, the legs are too tight (I have an ‘athletic’ build). I got a good price on them but I am going to send them back as I have managed to find another pair of Milles. Hopefully they will last me until Assos com out with some new designs, if not I will be looking at different brands.

  8. I completely agree. Loved my Mille’s and mine have worn out as well. Bought a pair of Cento’s and have had the same problem with pinching on the inner thigh area. Not crazy about the KuKu penthouse either- I think that they have overthought things way too much with the s7 line and should have left a good thing alone with the s5. One observation with the Cento, is that the fit comes in much smaller than that of the Mille(purchased size large for both). Perhaps this might have something to do with the chafing. Does anyone have any suggestions for a bib short with a comfortable chamois other than the Cento? **(the Mille is now sold out on the Assos factory outlet & can’t seem to find it elsewhere.)

  9. I too agree that the cento’s are a big disapointment. And because the chamois is “floating” it will migrate side to side. I took this up with Asso’s and they denied it happens. I kept on them about it until finally they admitted it does happen for us big muscular riders. They refunded my money and then sent me a custom altered pair at no cost. But sadly, these too still have the migration problem. They hang in my closet as a reminder of how bib shorts should NOT be made. I still love and use my Mille’s, but once they are worn-out I’m stuck finding a great fitting, well made bib short for my big athletic build. Assoso’s factorty outlet is out of them now. I’ve been chatting with Rapha, Manny tells me the Classic has a simular non-restrictive fit like the Mille. I’ve even read that the Rapha Classic bib shorts have the same chamois as the Mille, it’s black instead of then Assos Klinik color. Hope this helps.

  10. So Alex what have you found a new “go to” for all day comfort? I was about to pull the trigger in some T-cento bibs, but not so much after reading this. I wish I wold have purchased a dozen Mille bibs back in the day.

  11. I’ve now bought 3 pairs of the Centos in small now having been really impressed. I have the second gen. ones without the black wings. Compared to my S5 F.13’s they are in improvement and also over S2 F13 gen 1&2 and my Prosline bibs, all in small As you can tell I’ve never tried a Millie short because they never fit me. I’m 5’6 and 128lbs but with most of my bulk in my quads. The Millie shorts were always too long and loose at the gripper although fine mid quad. The new S7’s are too tight at the gripper but the Centos fit fine, pretty much the same as my older shorts and the low cut is very much like the S5 F.13’s. I find the comfort very good and love the KuKu! Really the Cento has replaced the S5.13 in my book. In terms of other shorts everything else has been rubbish for me. Castelli’s are too long and almost touch my knee in a small even though they are on the tight side and Endura’s best are just too loose.

  12. Thanks Alex for your review, wished I’d read it before I wasted $430 on the cento s7 here in Australia. I’ve riden Mille s5 for years in +200km grand fondo’s, they were great. First ride in the new s7 saw me pulling at the legs within 10km and looking for the shortest route home after 60km. On me, the legs move up, the unattached thin part of the chamois gathers up in the groin against the blocky, square edged side of the foam pad and rub/pinch. I kept heaving down on the legs for relief. I talked to the retailer who made me feel I am the only person in the world who’d had a problem. They contacted Assos Australia, who in turn couldn’t handle it an refered it to HQ in Switzerland. I’ve created some sort of international incident. At this price you would expect some comeback like the “ride everyday for 30 days and your money back” offer from Velocio or Rapha which is where I’ll start my new search. Just had a thought. There is so much BS on the T.100 cento box maybe we are meant to throw the bibs away and wear the box……it must be more comfortable. cheers

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