After a summer filled with riding the Continental Divide Trail, Aaron Weinsheimer put together a list of the most admired, useful, essential and enjoyable pieces of gear he used. It comes as no surprise that technical gear can be super important, but sometimes the $8 Denver Broncos sandals go a long way. Here are a few items Aaron enjoyed having while touring the CDT.
Broncos sandals. Eight bucks at Walmart. Superlight and can be worn with socks.Most Admired Items on the CDT A real tent. I love my Big Agnes Copper Spur 1. You can find a lighter one person shelter, but this is my favorite tent ever. It’s roomy, offers great storm protection, and the side door allows easy entry and the ability to cook in the vestibule while sitting inside.Most Admired Items on the CDT Starbucks Via. I loved my mid-morning coffee breaks. A little time in the morning purely for relaxation put me in the right mind frame for the rest of the day. Preparation couldn’t be more simple and so far it’s the best tasting instant that I have found.Most Admired Items on the CDT Smart phone. Where do I begin? I used my Gaia app heavily… highly recommended. The Guthook app for the CDT was instrumental. I recorded tracks from my entire tour using Strava. Communication, weather, entertainment, pictures, finding services in towns… a smart phone is essential touring equipment for me.Most Admired Items on the CDT Dynamo hub. Generating your own power is sweet. Aside from running my handlebar light, my Supernova hub powered a Sinewave USB charger to charge my helmet light, run my GPS, keep my phone topped off, and charge cache batteries. I’m ashamed about having used so many disposable batteries in the past.Most Admired Items on the CDT Adidas Terrex Trail Cross shoes with flat pedals. Early in this tour I was having some achilles problems that were threatening to end my ride. I switched to these shoes when I hit Colorado. The pain that had been with me for a month began to dissipate almost immediately. Furthermore the constant on and off of the bike that this route demanded proved much easier with flat pedals and the hiking much easier with these shoes. Now I am absolutely a flat pedal convert at least when it comes to touring and adventure riding.Most Admired Items on the CDT Long sleeve cotton dress shirt with a collar from the thrift store. I had no idea how much I’d appreciate having a shirt like this along. It offered sun protection, insect protection, and would you believe that a collar breaks down barriers? My first shirt disintegrated and I replaced it in Montana. Along that line everything that you bring with you will slowly disintegrate. The shirt off your back, your drivetrain, your components, all of it. It’s a reality to keep in mind when buying gear.

Most Admired Items on the CDTTo learn more about Aaron’s bike and kit list check out his Readers Rig.


  1. Is that a ‘Safety Scissors Blue’ Karate Monkey under there?
    Kudos for riding the CDT fully rigid Aaron!

  2. That shirt and those sandals though. Stylin!
    I love my camp shoes and coffee. Two luxuries I can’t live without on the trail.


  4. What flat pedals are you using?

  5. flat pedals all the way! I learned my lesson on a west coast tour when my achilles swelled up and have to do a one legged ride to civilization.

  6. Aaron Weinsheimer

    The bike is a custom Waltworks. The pedals are Race Face.

  7. Are Supernova hubs available in the US?

  8. Platform Power !!!

  9. Thanks for the article!. I love my Big Agnes tent too, though I find it a little difficult to get in and out of. Do you have any tricks? BTW, I love how your socks pull the Orange and blue together. Genius!

  10. Well protected phone in a Lifeproof case – essential for phone abuse in the backcountry.

  11. Those are all good,smart things….

  12. What phone do you have? I have a Nexus 5x and my Supernova The Plug III won’t charge it because it draws too much power. Pretty bummed about that, but thinking of trying out the Sinewave

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