The Jones Loop H-bar has evolved into a bikepacking friendly handlebar, so it’s no surprise that brands have sewn up some bikepacking bags to fit that little space within the loop of the H-Bar itself. In addition to these new easy-to-use cockpit bags, the bar already holds handlebar bags better than most flat bars. It gives you more hand positions and keeps you upright on your bike – an inherent benefit for bikepacking. There is a lot to like about this handlebar system. See our full review on the bar here. Below are three of the latest Jones Loop H-Bar bags that are currently on the market. These functional bags add extra storage space for your fat bike day rides, and allow more storage for those extra belongings on extended overnight trips.

BarFly Bag –  Utah – Banana Hammock – 67grams – $60.00

Jones Loop H-Bar BagsThe Banana Hammock is the lightest bag of the trio. It comes with a water resistant zipper that opens in the middle of the bag, this is nice for wires and access, but it does make things a little more difficult to find. This light weight X-Pac bag fits flush with the top of the Jones Loop H-Bar and situates itself perfectly within the corners of the bar, ensuring zero wasted space. It is also deceivingly deep. The bag is super light weight, and connects via 5 Velcro straps, but it is available in 4 straps upon request. It can fit two 12oz beers at once or a standard cycling water bottle. It’s easy access is convenient when you need to quench your thirst. While the one we are using is not padded, you can get the padded version for $10 additional dollars. This would be nice, in case you want to store a small point and shoot camera, or your phone for some extra protection. Since the Banana Hammock contents fit below the bar, this does scrunch the bag up if you are also using a handlebar bag that fits tight against the bar. Not the biggest deal, but something to note. The bag works great with or without bar tape and comes in a variety of different colors. If you are looking for a simple, sleek and lightweight bag, the Banana Hammock by BarFly Bags is for you.   

Jones/Revelate Designs – Alaska – H-Bar pack – 176 grams – $98.00

Jones Loop H-Bar BagsJones and Revelate Designs have teamed up again – this time with the H-Bar Pack. Unlike the BarFly bag, this one carries much more weight, but has many more bells and whistles. The H-Bar Pack comes with a U-shaped zipper, similar to Revelate’s Gas Tank. The water resistant zipper allows you to open the top flap so that you can actually see all the contents inside the bag. The bag is oval shaped, meaning it does not use the entire space within the bar loop, but the depth makes up for the lost space. The bag connects with 5 cam buckles around the loop portion of the bar. Underneath the lid of the bag is a mesh pocket that zips open and closed with a small zipper, a nice feature that can separate your items. The entire bag comes with a thick layer of insulation sewn between the fabric. This features is great to keep your water bottles and light batteries from freezing. Because of this insulation, items like a water bottle don’t fit as well when handlebar tape is wrapped around the H-Bar, it also prevents a smooth glide of the zipper. But the insulation was added so things like your cell phone are better protected as well as giving it a solid shape. It is not necessarily designed to insulate anything. Lastly, on the interior of the bag they have included a 5 section daisy chain for your convenience. The H-Bar Pack comes with an orange interior for a bright contrast to find things, and the exterior comes in black and Multi-Cam. If you are looking for an insulated Jones Loop H-Bar pack, one with a lot of space, then the H-Bar Pack from Revelate is for you.  

Wildcat Gear – United Kingdom – Tom Cat – 72 grams – 45.00GBP ($68.11USD)

Jones Loop H-Bar BagsThe Tom Cat is the last bag we look at. This bag from Wildcat Gear has more of a rectangle shape with a water resistant front load zipper. The bag, which is made out of X-Pac, more or less sits on top of the jones loop H-Bar. Wildcat intentionally designed this bag to sit above the bar, so that their handlebar harness system would still be compatible with the Tom Cat. While this may take away from the overall capacity of the Tom Cat, it will allow for more versatility with other bags. The bag attaches with 4 Velcro straps on the far end, and 2 closest to the rider. The branded pull cord makes for easy opening and closing. Inside on the bottom of the bag is a convenient mesh pocket where you can separate tools, or smaller items. A yellow bottom to the mesh pocket also helps in finding those smaller items. The bag comes with a cable port on the front end that secures with a small Velcro patch. This port is made designed to accommodate Dynamo systems or batteries for your bike lights. A padded bottom helps retain its shape, but there are no rigid dividers within the bag, so you can easily punch it down if it is not in use to get the bag out of the way a bit. The Tom Cat fits well on taped or un-taped, bars and comes in black. It can also fit a water bottle if desired. If you are looking for smaller bag, a unique wire port, with a great mesh pock, then Tom Cat by Wildcat Gear is for you.  Jones Loop H-Bar Bags

For more accessory bags like the Jones Loop H-Bar, see our Accessory Bags Page. 


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