The 2016 Tour Divide Grand depart is only a few days away and many of the participants are starting to arrive in Banff, Alberta. It’s that moment of nervous anticipation as riders dial in their rigs and start twiddling their thumbs. So perhaps a few of you can pass the time by reading what your fellow racers are riding and bringing. Or if you are interested in riding the Tour Divide in the future, maybe this will give you a good idea of what others are doing, in attempt to help you with your preparation. Good Luck to all the racers in this year’s Tour Divide, it’s a life changing experience, one that will have you coming back for more.

Tom Kendall – Age 69 – Port Angeles, WashingtonTom K Salsa Fargo Ti Single Speed, Chris King components, Raceface bottom bracket, TRP hydraulic disc brakes, Stans 28mm Flow rims with WTB Weirwolf 2.3″ tires and Crank Bros Mallet 3 pedals. I am running a complete set of Revelate Bags with Anything Cages. My goal is to definitely finish the race as fast as I can.

David Horton – 66 – Lynchburg, VirginiaDavid Horton I will be riding a Specialized Stumpjumper with Revelate bags and an exposure light. I am from Lynchburg, Virginia and a professor at Liberty University. I completed the Tour Divide in 2011 and 25 days two hours. My goal this year is under 25 days.

David Schreiner – 55 – Ashland, MassachusettsDavid Schreiner TD RigNiner Air 9 RDO, 2 X 11 speed. I went with a Revelate Designs Viscacha saddle bag, Jerry Can and Ranger Frame Bag. I installed a Thule “Pack & Pedal” front rack to hold my sleeping bag down low. I used a Selle Anatomica X saddle, and a Jones H Bar. My tent is a Big Agnes UL 2 Fly Creek, with a inflatable REI mattress.

Sheli Thomas – 57 – Kalispell, MontanaShella Thomas Specialized Expert Carbon Fate 29er with Revelate bags. Special item I’m bringing: my rosary. Special item I’m not bringing: my fears. Goal is 25 days or less, Antelope Wells to Banff.

Hughie Harvey – 45 – Tasmania, AustraliaHugh TD Rig-2 I am 45 years old and proudly from the Huon Valley in Tasmania, Australia. Lots of big hills and quiet dirt roads makes this part of the world perfect TDR training territory. My bicycle is a custom built titanium Triton Defiance. She has already completed the TDR back in 2013 in a respectable 21 days 12 hours. Back then she was Rohloff equipped. This time in an effort to go a bit more light weight, I am running SRAM 1×11 and no aero bars and generally packing a whole load less of the rookie fears and mistakes I had back then. I would really like to be down around 18 days but anything sub 20 means that I have had a lot of good fortune and hopefully done myself justice.

Jason Carter – 56 – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada2016 Tour Divide Rigs One evening I was riding home from work on a 26 inch bike, fighting the rabid squirrel due to new snow and leaky tires (home made studs) and feeling sorry for myself. I wished for a smoother, taller ride. “If only the owner of my local bike shop was selling his Krampus (he’s the same size). That would fix everything,” I thought. I hobbled to the store to borrow a floor pump so I could continue hobbling home. Low and behold the Krampus was hung up on the used bike isle just 20 minutes previously! The early Xmas present later turned into the Tour Divide rig due to its many attributes, but mostly because it fits like a dream and rides even better. The 3.0 Knards and Rabbit Holes have been replaces with Stan’s Flow EX (25.5c) and 2.4 Racing Ralph tires. laced to Shimano XT and SP Dynamo hubs, tubeless, that leaves copious amount of frame clearance for the cornucopia of mud types expected on the GDMR. Also of note is the Sun-Race 11-42 Cassette with a 32 ring – a combination that should provide ample hill grinding torque (hopefully!). As well, a headset bracket and an inverted L-shaped head tube bracket, made by local machinist whiz Pete McAdams, enables 2 Outdoor Research thermal bottle carriers to be tightly mounted for food, water or morning java. A Revelate Sweetroll for very light stuff is squeezed between the bracket and two old-school bar ends that are mounted inboard of the brakes. These bar ends, affectionately called the `poor man`s Jones bar`, provide a very secure mount for the underside of the sleeping bag harness. Yes, it is a heavy rig compared to the super bikes of the top end racers. But for me, even a Lantern Rouge finish would be a huge win!

Lindsay Gauld – 68 – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada2016 Tour Divide Rigs Marin Carbon CRX. It’s a 650B frame with Nano Raptor tires, tubeless, that rolls extremely well, but provide Lindsay with all the grip he needs (to be honest, given his high skill level, the tires could be completely smooth.) The Marin is a 1 by 11 with a huge 42 cog for the steep pitches, but the aero bars are more for comfort than TT position. The SP Dynamo powers a wonderfully bright Supernova Triple 3 Pro light, with an additional wiring setup for the Sinewave charger so Lindsay can phone home whenever he wants. A McAdams headset bracket holds the Outdoor Research water caddies, but you’ll notice extra insulation around the caddies left over from the fat bike season and straws from the bottles so that carrying water in the backpack isn’t necessary (except for the Wyoming Basin, of course). The Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion seat bag is extremely solid and effectively prevents any tail wagging. Lindsay is no stranger to the ultra-bikepacking community, especially the international ultra winter race scene. But his goal for the Tour Divide is quite modest: one hour less than the Manitoba speedster who did it last year!

Rob Brown – 44 – Christchurch, New Zealand2016 Tour Divide Rigs The Bike is a Pivot Les carbon hardtail with full Revelate Designs Bags. She’s super comfy, climbs well and handles like a dream on the descents and likes a good chat when in that dark place together!

Lane Bergen – 22 (23 on June 14th!) – Paxton, Nebraska2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’ll be riding my Surly ECR 29+ bike, which is set up tubeless. It is set up with with a dynamo generator hub and Klite system for powering my 1200/700 lumen light and USB charger. I’ll be using Revelate Designs Sweetroll, handlebar, and feed bags, a custom frame bag from Cleaveland Mountaineering, Gas Tank and Jerry Can bags, Salsa anything cages/bags and then a seat post bag made by Oveja Negra. I Rode a section of the course last year from Wamsutter, Wyoming to Salida, Colorado so I looking forward to starting from the beginning this year!

Rob Colliver – 51 – United Kingdom2016 Tour Divide Rigs This is my second time (26days last time in 2011). Santa Cruz Tallboy with Lauf fork and loads of homemade bags (all except the Porcelain Rocket on the seatpost). Electrics all homemade too, so I charge the gps at 4.5 mph and don’t cook it at 50) and a switch to run the Revo light. No cache battery – the power goes straight into the battery on the gps and bypasses the usb socket. Goal of 22 days and no snow diverts this time.

Gus Laskaris – 52 – Alexandria, Louisiana2016 Tour Divide Rigs Salsa El Mariachi Ti; Niner Carbon Fork, Hope Bottom Bracket. White Industries XMR rear hub, SP PD 8 dynamo front hub. All of the packs are from Revelate Designs. I’m a rookie to the Tour Divide and endurance cycling. I’ve been training for eight months and I’m shooting for a 28-day time. I fear the cold above all things. And breaking spokes. My race wheel is a 40-spoke monster built for me by Wheel Builders.

Greg May – 35 – Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom (But I’m actually Irish)2016 Tour Divide Rigs Finally it’s all come together and I’m off to race down the Divide. I’d planned to go three years ago, but life got in the way. Bikes were still raced, ridden, and changed until I ended up on my Salsa Cutthroat from the folks at Keep Pedalling in Manchester and with the help of Salsa UK through Raleigh UK. The setup is based on what I’ve used for the past 3 years racing, all tried and tested kit from my abused (loved) Patagonia Nanopuff and Nine Trails Gilet to the new Ortlieb waterproof bags from the folks at Lyon Equipment in the UK that I’ve been rocking for the past 1,600km. Groupset is SRAM X0 – wheels are Blunt SS on a SP dyno and Hope Pro4 rear – bars are the precious Ragley Luxy bars. My one special item, my Sony RX100 – a great little camera with a stunning lens and sensor. May as well get a few decent photos along the way. Goals, well firstly finish, secondly somewhere between 17 and 20 days. Any earlier, and my wife won’t have flown in to pick me up and I’ll have a long ride back to Phoenix. Not the worst thing that could happen I suppose.

Will Meyer – Age 31 (turning 32 on the ride!) – London, UK2016 Tour Divide Rigs The bike is a Brother Cycles 29er prototype called the ‘Big Bro’ which we plan on releasing later in the year. The bags are all by Apidura. The accessories pouch on the front is for maps and notes etc. My sleep system (Rab sleeping bag, Thermarest NeoAir Xlite and Borah Gear bivvy) all rolls into the front handlebar pack. All my tools, spares and personal hygiene stuff fits into the frame bag and my extra clothing plus an Alpkit Tarp is stuffed into the saddle pack. What you can’t see in the picture are two Apidura food pouches which I’ll carry snacks and bear spray in! I’m then bringing an Osprey backpack which I’ll use for extra water in remote areas and food. I’m hoping to do it in 25 days and try to enjoy myself along the way – if my legs feel good then maybe faster? Who knows – trying to limit my expectations.

Mark Snidero – 55 – from Bel Air, Maryland2016 Tour Divide Rigs I will be riding a Salsa Cutthroat. I was lucky enough to find a Cutthroat frame and I built this beauty up with xx1 cranks, a 28 tooth (yup, 28) absolute black oval chainring, a 9-44 ethirteen cassette, force 1 components. I’ve been struggling with some knee issues and I find this gear combo helps. I’ve got a set-up from klite (SP dynamo, lights, cache, etc.) and running on Arch rims built up by the Bike Shop of Bel Air. The front and half pack frame bag are from Oveja Negra and the others are from Revelate. Contact points are selle anatomica seat, salsa double wrapped woodchippers and Shimano XT pedals. I’m also carrying a set of xpedo flat pedals in case my knees start to bother me. Water capacity is 3 water bottles plus another 2 one liter collapsible water bottles. My goal? Finish. My pace should be around a 23 day pace.

Ron Williams – 44 – Duluth, Minnesota A very well used Salsa Ti Fargo with a mix of Oveja Negra, Porcelain Rocket, and Revelate bags. XO/XX 10sp drivetrain with a 28/42 up front gearing. The wheels are stock Arch rims with 2.25 Vittoria tires. I ran into quite a bit of mud last year, so still keeping plenty of frame/tire clearance for those long bike pushes with 50 lbs of clay on the tires. Water hydration taken care of with water bottles on the frame/forks and a hydration bladder in the frame bag. Going with a pack again this year for groceries and the sunshade I felt it provided on the long pushes across the desert. Heading NoBo and hoping to make it up to Banff by the 4th of July.

Joe Welker – 35 – Boise, Idaho I am riding a Salsa Fargo X9. My bags are Revelate with the exception of my front, I am using a clinching system with a 20 Liter dry bag from Sea to Summit. I changed out the stock tires to a tubeless set up with 29 x 2.25. I am a tour rookie I leaning heavily on blogs, specifically Josh Kato’s. My goals for the tour: 1. enjoy an epic adventure! 2. finish the tour, 20 days or less. 3. Meet some new great people and make some new friends! 4. Raise awareness for veterans returning to the work place.

Hal Russell – 67 – Osceola, Missouri2016 Tour Divide Rigs I hang out and ride for Truman Lake Bikes, Warsaw MO! My goal this year is to go as fast as I can and have a blast! This will be my 4th Tour Divide Race. I almost know the way! My bike is a Trek carbon Superfly. Same frame as last year, but changed other stuff. I went to a 1×11 with gear ratio that works well for me with climbing. Here at the shop, my buddy Mac, designed a new cockpit sit-up that we are calling the “Huckleberry Hauler”! It is a prototype for this year. All of my electronics fit on it and I charge them off of a Son hub. My bags are mostly Revelate bags. A friend designed my front bag holder that is attached to the Huckleberry Hauler.

Dana Martinelli – 45 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania2016 Tour Divide Rigs Surly Ogre with a custom powder coat (got to make it mine), Shimano XT 1×9 with a nicely tuned ratio fitting my hill climbing style, Velocity Blunt P35 rims, Chronicle 3” front, 2.4” Ardent rear tires, Fabric saddle (demo), carbon seatpost and bars which nicely dampen where it counts, all bags Revelate: seat, Gas Tank, feed, handlebar and frame, Shutter Precision PV-8 Dynamo feeding an Edge 810 GPS, Garmin Fenix 3 HR watch, iPhone and lights. Notable backcountry gear: ridged-out 10’x10’ UL bushcrafting tarp, titanium stakes with shock cord, 120’+ military issue paracord, cozy hammock, 5oz ground cloth (in case no trees for the hammock), 35deg 1lb Sea to Summit Spark bag, no sleeping pad, First Ascent UL down vest and sweater, UL waterproof shoes with ‘manly’ tread (wear bike shoes to the backcountry? Not me), bike tools/emergency aide tucked neatly in a waterproof container covered with inspiring stickers mounted to the front fork (balanced with water on the other side of the fork). This set up feels great. Can basically climb and roll over anything I throw at her and fits like it’s a part of me. Can’t wait to put her (and myself) to the test with a goal on getting to AW without super long stops.

Ray Lamb – 57 – Waco, Texas / McLennan2016 Tour Divide Rigs 2016 Salsa Cutthroat full carbon. It’s equipped with Chris King rear hub, headset, and bottom bracket. The front hub is a Son dynamo hub. SRAM carbon XO crankset SRAM force shifters SRAM XO derailleurs. The lighting system is a klite by Kerry Staite from Australia, Bike Bag Dude bags except for the lunch box and the seat bag which were made by revalate. Trp cabled hydraulic brakes. Stans Arch EX wheels with Teravail tires. It has a Salsa Ti seatpost and a Bar Yak system built by Joe Stiller. The seat is a specialized power pro and woodchiper are handlebars.

Mike Enfield – 50 – Mesa, Arizona2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’m riding a 2015 Niner Air 9 RDO, full rigid. The bags are all Revelate Designs. I bought the frame bag from Ron Babington who used it during the 2015 TD, so something on my bike has already gone the distance! I’m a Clydesdale rider, but still targeting an under 25 day finish.

Rolf Moser – 48 – Switzerland2016 Tour Divide Rigs My bike is a Scott Spark 29er. Why bring a full suspension to the Tour Divide? Simply because it is what I have and it is a great ride. Total weight is 50 lbs without water and food. Standard components, except for a 22 tooth small chainring to protect my knees. Revelate bags all around, an Exped roll in the front harness and a custom frame bag by Mooser of Switzerland. No dyno hub, I’ll be riding from dawn to dusk but not at night. I like my sleep. The drop-out rate of rookies on the Tour Divide is so high that my goal is to make it to Antelope Wells at all, preferably in one piece, no matter how long it takes. Though it should not be more than 28 days, or I’ll miss my flight home.

Matteo Messina – 47 – Italy, Morgex, valle d’aosta (Mont Blanc)2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’m a rookie, 42 years old, I ride a Lynskey pro 29 helix, with bags by Revelate Designs! I made naturaid sardegna, tuscany trail and other bikepacking race in Italy. Tour divide is my dream, and my goal is 19 /21 days…but so…finish would be a good option!

Wade Greene – 35 – Eagle, Colorado2016 Tour Divide Rigs Custom steel Lov bike mimicking the Salsa cutthroat geometry with a few tweaks to be able to run plus size tires when needed. Drivetrain is SRAM Rival with a GX rear derailleur 11-36 cassette and 38-26 Raceface crank in the front with BB7 brakes with 180mm/160mm rotors. Custom built wheels Hope/Salsa hubs with Sun Ringle Helix tubeless rims with Teravail Sparwood tires . Bags are all from Revelate Designs/Salsa. Fork is carbon modified for front cages. As far gear just the usual sleep system, tent, air pad and bag all on the bike with rain gear and warmers for the higher elevations. Goal, 18-20 days.

Michael Devitt – 48 – Boise, Idaho2016 Tour Divide Rigs Scott Scale 930/RDO fork, Revelate bags, except for Apidura seat bag–it has a bit more volume and stability. GoPro camera is my guilty (weight) pleasure….I will finish between 20-25 days.

Randy Neill – 57 – Longmont Colorado 2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’m 57 year old happy go lucky guy. My ride is a 2012 Salsa Mamasita hardtail with a Timbuk2 gas tank and Revelate bags. I’m running Maxxis Ardent front and Maxxis Ikon back tires. The main modifications are Jones H-Bar Loop handlebars and RaceFace platform pedals. I plan to swap in my Crank Brothers egg beaters for the long stretches. I am looking forward to long days and restful nights in the great wide openness of the Divide.

Ralph Karsten – 60 – St. Paul, Minnesota2016 Tour Divide Rigs Bianchi Sok (an early 29er) equipped with a Rohloff hub. I’m using Angry Panda panniers mounted on a Thule rack as the frame has no bolt-up rack provisions, and I want to keep the weight low if I can. I can carry about 4 liters of water and will have a 3-liter backpack as well. The ZPack tent will mount on the handlebars. I’m 60 years old, live in St. Paul MN and kinda went nuts when I saw Ride the Divide recently. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I figure I shouldn’t let that stop me. Making memories is what it’s all about.

Bob High – 46 – Raleigh, North Carolina2016 Tour Divide Rigs I got my Salsa Fargo a couple of weeks ago, as I just made the decision to go Tour the Divide then as well. A big shout out to Shawn Spencer and all his boys at Bike Cycles in Wilmington, NC. for bringing it together on such short notice. The fully rigid frame rides very nicely load with 30lbs of dry weight and the carbon front fork is super smooth as well. Greg at Rockeist Bags in Winston Salem, NC. hooked up a very nice frame bags at the last minute, and I am ready to roll. Due to the last minute decision and lack of training, this is a touring trip, but I do plan to keep moving forward, so my goal is to reach the border in 27 days, camping most all of the way in my tarp tent. Many thanks to all the folks at Bikepackers Mag. for the very helpful articles and videos on this adventure. Best wishes to all riders for sunny days and safe travels. Crank on sisters and brothers!

KJ Jones – 54 – Canyon Lake, Texas (SOBO ITT beginning 22 July.)2016 Tour Divide Rigs My bike is a Salsa Cutthroat. Drivetrain is 1×11: Race Face Next SL cranks, Wolf Tooth oval 32T with 11-42 cassette. Gevenalle shifters, TRP HY/RD cable-actuated hydraulic brakes. Enve M60 wheels with SON dynamo hub (will change tires to Maxxis Ikons). Sinewave Revolution for charging; K-Lite and Exposure Diablo for illumination. Frame bag from Bike Bag Dude. The rest mostly Revelate Designs. Brooks saddle on an Erickson seatpost. Finishing fast as I can is my goal. Good luck to everyone!

Dennis Loewen – 40 – San Jose, California2016 Tour Divide Rigs Niner E.M.D. 9, 29er bike with Niner Carbon fork. Shimano 2×10 drivetrain. Full Relevate bags. My rig is not terrible exciting or special. It comes in at 47 lbs without food and water. I believe in ‘riding what you got’ and since this setup got me to the finish in the past it will surely get me there again. I have tweaked lighting (better lights) and hydration (moved from bladders to bottles) but mostly the equipment remains the same. I came close to even using the same kit from 3 years ago! I am attempting to improve my 2013 time of 26 days with goals of being in the low 20s. Most importantly, I want to fully embrace the ride and my major goal is completion. In the last 8 months I got married, my wife became pregnant, I started a new company, and I lost my father. For me this race is welcoming the gift and opportunity to be able to pursue adventure no matter what happens in your world. We are blessed to have these chances in life and they cannot be taken for granted. Full smiles and full energy all the time out there!!!

Jim Barrow – 47 – Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom2016 Tour Divide Rigs My bike is a Travers Russ Ti with a mixture of Apidura and Alpkit bags. Most of my kit is Alpkit. I’ve been dreaming about the TD since 2008 and I’m riding with my son raising money for Cancer Research UK and we’re hoping to do 28 – 30 days.

Gareth Pellas – 32 – Melbourne Australia2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’ve gone with a Curve Cycling Uprock titanium 29er with Curve carbon rims, Niner carbon fork and XT 11×2 brakes and drivetrain (cranks 10s XTR for the 40t gearing upgrade and lightness purposes). Bike Bag Dude for lots of easy access storage – up front for food and miscellaneous items and Exposure lighting the way.

Dylan Gonda – 20 – Marquette, Michigan2016 Tour Divide Rigs I hope to finish the Tour Divide in 21 days. I will be riding a Giant Anthem 3, 27.5 with Nuclear Sunrise and Revelate Design bags. I will have a 1×10 setup with a 32 tooth front chainring and a 11-42 rear cassette as well as Maxxis Ardent Race tires with Stans. I will be using a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 tent, an Enlightened Equipment quilt, and a thermostat ultralight sleeping pad.

Blake Crouch – 34 – Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columba2016 Tour Divide Rigs Bike = custom build steel 29er. Bags = Revelate sweet roll, frame bag, saddle bag, feed bags, 2 x 5l dry bags. Special items = handle bar cow horn, streamers and donut socks. Goals = to finish the race without my spot marker turning to the tourist colour! To experience the variation of scenery in USA, to meet some awesome people and to disconnect from the Internet for a day at least!

Joe Mandichak – 49 – Laguna Niguel, California2016 Tour Divide Rigs I turn 50 in September and wanted to do something epic. This is my first attempt at anything like this. This is Marge, a Salsa Fargo. She is laden with Sweetroll and a pocket on woodchipper bars along with two feed bags. A Jerry can, Gas Tank and frame bag are in the middle and an Alpine Luddite seat bag (great customer service btw) bring up the rear. I have dyno hub connected to a usb charger.

Nelson Carter – 55 – Lebanon, New Hampshire2016 Tour Divide Rigs I started with a used Motobecane Ti Fly and, as intended, replaced just about everything leading up to the race and added a Ninner carbon fork. Overall, the setup is a fairly generic Tour Divide configuration. All Revelate bags except for an Oveja Negra Snack Pack I am using reversed against the seat post. My intent is to race the route as fast as I can, and hopefully have an excellent adventure doing it.

Jonathan Graif – 24 – Rolla, Missouri2016 Tour Divide Rigs I am a Tour Divide rookie and I have chosen the Trek 920 to take me across the divide. Most of the bike is stock, except for the 1x conversion with a Wolf Tooth 36t chainring to keep things simple. I also changed out the saddle to the trusty Bontrager Serano RL and upgraded the tires to go tubeless. Most of the bag setup is Revelate (Sweetroll, Gastank, Pika) with a Blackburn Outpost frame bag, giving me a dry weight of about 45 pounds. My goal is to make it to Antelope Wells in 21 days, but we’ll see if my legs agree…

Christien Smeja – 29 – Toronto, Canada2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’ll be riding a Salsa El Mariachi Ti with mostly Revelate bags except for my handmade mini-panniers (only 2 inches wide) for carrying extra water in drier sections of the course. Since completing the Tour Aotearoa in March, a 3,000km Brevet in NZ I’ve been hooked on bikepacking and haven’t stopped bikepacking since. I’d like to eventually Bikepack around the world in the next couple of years.

Dylan Boocock – 23 – Bath, United Kingdom2016 Tour Divide Rigs My bike is a custom made Ti frame that I built up myself, along with a mish-mash of Sram/Shimano components. I’m running a Specialized Renegade 2.3 Tire up front, and a Maxxis Ardent Pro 2.2 on the rear. The bags I have set up are all from UK based Alpkit. My aim will be to complete the TD in around 20 days, with a goal of having the most awesome time with some incredible people. My special item has to be my iPod classic, which will no doubt be providing the rhythm to the riding while i’m there.

John Russell – 38 – Swindon, United Kingdom2016 Tour Divide Rigs I am a Rookie on the divide and I can’t wait to get started! I’m riding a Salsa El Mariachi Ti with a Firestarter carbon fork. Kitted out with Wildcat Gear bags, custom made in the UK. Currently weighing in at a hefty 49 lbs before food and water but without knowing the route and conditions first hand I’ve probably packed a bit more than I need to stay warm and safe. I’m aiming for 21 – 24 days but frankly, it’s all a big unknown – we’ll find out when I hit the trails!

Billy Chilton – 39 – Dallas, Texas2016 Tour Divide Rigs The bike is a no brand carbon (fingers crossed). On the bike: the seat bag, frame bag, and Alamito top tube bag are Rogue Panada; J.Paks Snakpak top tube bag; Bedrock Honaker Hydro on the down tube; 2x Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks Silos behind the handlebars; and Oveja Negra Threadworks Front Loader Dry bag Mount. A SP PD 8 Dynamo Hub powers a Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Cyo light and a Sinewave Cycles Revolution USB charger.

Sheila Reiter – 54 – Austin Texas2016 Tour Divide Rigs Salsa’s last Fargo Ti (sm), 2×10, SON Dynamo, KLite. Bags: I’ve shared the love. 2011 Revelate Designs trunk bag, feed bag, 2016 harness, 2014 Jerry Can, 2016 production for Salsa Fargo frame bag. Custom gas tank by Boulder Bikepacking Bags. Tapeat stem bag by by Bedrock Bags, Custom silnylon pogies by my 2011/2014 TD partner in crime Sheila Torres-Blank. I’ve got unfinished business out there.

Gary Meyer – 55 – Bend, Oregon2016 Tour Divide Rigs I really enjoy just being out on my bike. Bike: Moots Mooto X YBB 29″, Dynamo w/K-lite. Bags: Frame, Seat, Sweet Roll and Feed bag are Revelate Design, Gas tank is a custom zipper less design with rain fly from Bolder Bikepacking Gear, a Bedrock Tapeats Stem bag, and a Kemp Net on the seat bag by Charlie Kemp. The Kemp Net is really handy to stash the rain gear or a footlong sandwich. My #1 Goal is to finish. Beyond that everything else is icing.

Andrew Kulmatiski – 43 – Logan, Utah2016 Tour Divide Rigs Borealis Yampa with Niner RDO fork. 2×10 (25/40, 11/36). Wanderlust frame and seat bags. I will have a Wanderlust top tube bag for the race. Carbon Roval front and Stans Crest by Mike Curiak rear. ~33lb with kit. ~44 with a day’s food and water. If my butt holds out, I think I can do it.

Christina Nacos – 41 – Boulder, CO2016 Tour Divide Rigs Salsa El Mariachi Ti with Revelate bags (2x Feed Bags, Gas Tank, Sweetroll with pocket, frame bag, and Viscacha seat bag). Shimano XT build with 2×10 gearing, Firestarter Carbon Fork, SP PL-8x Dynamo, Supernova E3 Triple 2 light, and Sinewave USB. Dry weight is ~44 lbs. The green bag off the back is the super lightweight but bulky Z-Pack Solo Tent. After the 2014 “ride or die” year I decided on a tent instead of the bivy. Goals- First and foremost to finish and to enjoy (parts of) each day. Weather dependent 20-24 days.

Gary MacPherson – 49 – born in Scotland, live in New Zealand2016 Tour Divide Rigs a kilted Kiwi you might say. There’s nothing too special about my rig. It’s a Surly ECR with minor modifications – different seat and aero-bars. I am using the Revelate bag system with a couple of Salsa Anything cages and bags. As much as possible I am traveling light, but I am pretty new to the brevet game and will no doubt have forgotten a couple of essentials and taken too much of other stuff. I have a couple of lucky mascots as you can see on the bars. They don’t add too much weight. I had planned to do this next year, but a few events in the past 6 months, i.e. a friend passing, another being treated for cancer, me breaking my arm at New Years Eve, quitting my desk job, had me decide “Just Do it.” Do you think you can get Nike to sponsor me? Possibly I am a little under done in prep, so just have the goal of finishing.

Dave Rooney – 41 – Zimbabwean born, living in Oakville, Ontario.2016 Tour Divide Rigs Bike: Motobecane Ti 29er, fitted out with Relevate bags (saddle & feedbags) & harness. SP dynamo hub with Supernova light, Wolftooth 42 cassette ring and 2×10 Sram drivetrain, Jones Loop Bar. Running a slightly different setup this year, opting to go with Jones bar rather than my normal Fred bar and aero setup, hopefully this will allow a more upright position and put less pressure on my neck. Have also gone with a slightly lighter setup, as fear might have more pushing than previous years. Bike weight on the scale with snacks & water at just over 42lbs.

Quinn Bilodeau – 28 – Missoula, Montana2016 Tour Divide Rigs Not sure where home is at the moment but have been training in Santa Fe, NM. The bike is an old Cannondale Caffeine 29er aluminum with a Fox air fork. Bags are mainly Revelate with a restrap dry bag harness out back. Special items include a snowpeak style burner and ti mug for hot coffee along the way! My main goal is to finish in under 25 days 🙂

Konan Stephens – 41 – Columbus, Ohio2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’m riding a Motobecane Fantom Pro Titanium 29er hardtail and hope to finish the race within 25 days. I’m a Pastor ( and this is my Sabbatical.

David Markman – 26 – Avon, Minnesota2016 Tour Divide Rigs Finish time 18 days, 2015 Salsa Fargo, Whisky carbon fork, Enve M60 rims, front SP front hub, Hope Pro 4 rear hub, Enve seat post, Enve stem, Salsa woodchipper bars- extended 2 1/2 inches, Profile Design aero bars, Victoria mezcal tires-tubeless, Bags made by me- Muststache Bike Bags, Super Nova and Exposure Diablo lights.

Chris Plesko – 34 – Westminster, Colorado2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’m riding a singlespeed On-One Lurcher, geared 32×16, with Revelate bags and no backpack. I’m hoping to lower the singlespeed record under 16 days. It might not look like it but I’m bringing more gear than my last run in 2009 including full rain gear and a hooded, synthetic, puffy jacket. That combined with a dyno powered Klite will hopefully keep me moving forward in any weather, day or night.

Tim King – 56 – Bixby, OklahomaIMG_0912 (1) I am riding a Specialized carbon Stumpjumper with a Salsa Firestarter fork, and Jones bars. Bags consist of Relevant seat bag, BBD frame bag, Cabelas dry bag for the front, 2 Revelate Feed Bags and a Blackburn top tube bag. I am Hoping to get done in 20 days.

Bonnie Gagnon – 48 – Lakeville, Minnesota2016 Tour Divide RIgs I am riding a Salsa Cutthroat with custom bags by Bike Bag Dude. Due to knee issues, I will be using 130mm kiddie cranks for the race, which should prove to be interesting. They alleviate most of the pain and the small and quick revolutions certainly keep me engaged. I am very excited to be a part of this great adventure and hope to finish the race in 28 days.

Bill Littmann – 59 – Detroit, MichiganIMG_1302 (1) A Detroit Native and Automation Engineer, there is always a better way, simpler is better! This is my second effort, after I was “drowned” out as A 2014 Rookie, looking to apply and share experience. Team and Safety #1! Riding the TDR offers perspective to self and sharing ALL things is important in Life. I am riding a Lynskey Ridgeline, Greg Wheelwright Frame/Saddle/Gas Tank Bags, Detroit Cargo “Sweet Roll” and BisonBack Rack. My goal is to “Roam Efficient” over 24 Days thru social media that is reaching customers and friends within Brazil, China, Korea, Venezuela, UK and Europe! I am looking forward to meeting several new social media friends in Banff and grow efficient indigenous Values!!

Last but certainly not least…. Josh Kato – 41 – Cashmere, Washington2016 Tour Divide Rigs I’ll be riding the excellent Salsa Cutthroat frame loaded up with a 2×10 Shimano XTR system and mated to a super supple Lauf Trail Racer Boost fork. Rather than buying all the batteries along the route I’ll be running a Schmidt SON hub connected to a K-Lite light system. I’ve been able to drop over 10 pounds from last years kit which is good for this aging body. Best of luck to all! Bags- mix of Ortlieb, Revelate and JPaks.


  1. Fantastic article. Thanks

  2. I that number besides their name their age?

  3. is mike hall there?
    NB: thanks for another great writeup

  4. Very Cool checking out everyone’s setup. Good Luck to all!

  5. Mike Candler

    I wonder if Josh Kato’s lighter rig still includes a 3 lb. cinnamon roll…
    Great article, keep them coming, thank you!

  6. Anyone know where I can buy one of those Kemp Nets?


  7. 10 less pounds for Josh… Sounds like he will have room to spare for even more extra slices of pie i Pie Town!

    Great article!

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  9. Ashok Captain

    Though this comment is a bit late -brilliant piece, Neil. Glad you featured text and pics of all/ most of the rigs.

    Here’s wishing all the riders a safe trip.

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  11. Bonnie Gagnon

    Thank you so much for article. It was great to be a part of it!
    Now that we’ve all had the privilege of lining up and making our way to the border, it would be interesting to find out which rigs made it, what sort of bike issues were encountered, if any modifications were made etc. For my Salsa Cutthroat – I finished the race without any modifications. I had one small mechanical which was a bad rear tire stem and added air three times a day for the last four days. What I wish I had: Front shocks & a flat bar, which is what I am planning for next year’s TD.

  12. Encouraged by the fact that many of these riders are 50 y/o plus! I’m turning 60 and the Divide is on the horizon, maybe 2018?

  13. John Shannon

    I gather the images go with the name above and the text below.

  14. Dieter Borsutzky

    As a German silver rider, also named the green glove guy, I finished the TD 16 as a rookie tourer with an old 2 danger aluminium frame bike, the almost only 26 ” hardtail with V- breaks and simple rock shock suspension fork. For my next endurance trip, perhaps the Trans America Trail 2018, I will change to a 29 ” bike with Avid BB7 disc breaks. Ride on!

  15. Scott Harris

    Glad to see some more “advanced” ages running the Tour Divide. It’s on my bucket list when I retire in a couple of years. Getting ready to pick up a Salsa Fargo shortly and every time I ride I consider it a “training” ride. Glad to see many Texans as well!

  16. Man I would love to see a follow-up to this with what worked what they would change if they went back out again, great article sorry I found it so late

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