On Monday, Salsa Cycles released their 2015 bike fleet. While the names stay the same with the exception of a few new bikes, each model got a few changes. These fine tuned tweaks goes to show a company dedicated to not only adventure cycling, but a solid ride for whatever conditions you plan to endure. Below are some key facts you need to know on the 2015 Salsa Cycles lineup.


2015 Salsa Cycles Lineup
Spearfish Carbon RS-1
After a redesign that introduced Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot in 2014, Salsa decided to stick with the same frame specs. The Spearfish is Salsa’s ultra endurance race bike. Soon you may see a few more of these bikes at the shorter, more established races. Why you ask? Salsa has introduced carbon in their mountain bikes. We have a feeling this just might be a staple for any singletrack bikepacking journey. The RS-1 Fork and Carbon frame should stiffen up the ride nicely and track better then any Spearfish model yet.
  • Same geometry as 2014 models
  • Carbon models available
  • Rock Shox RS-1 on high end model
  • Sram 1×11 on high end model
  • 100mm forks on all bikes
  • 80mm rear travel.
  • Split Pivot Design
Lineup: Spearfish Carbon RS-1 – $6,899 Spearfish Carbon 1 -$4,899 Spearfish 2 – $3399 Spearfish 3 – $2799


2015 Salsa Cycles Lineup
The Bucksaw 1
You likely heard the news at the Sea Otter Classic. The news being a full suspension fat bike was in production. Salsa introduced the Bucksaw in April, and since then it has gotten quite a bit of recognition. Salsa designed the bike from the ground up testing and pin-pointing the perfect wheel. The Bucksaw incorporates the new Rock Shox Bluto, around a 170mm rear spacing, and 26 x 4″. With that in mind, Salsa made a true do it all fat bike for the trail and the snow.
  • Stocked with Marge Lite 65mm rims
  • 4″ max tire width
  • Suggested 50mm – 82mm rim width
  • Built around Rock Shox Bluto
  • Split Pivot Design
  • Carbon seat stays
  • 177mm rear spacing
  • Reverb dropper post (Bucksaw 1)
Lineup: Bucksaw 1 – $4,999 Bucksaw 2 – $3,999 Frame – $1,899

El Mariachi

2014 Salsa Spearfish Lineup
El Mariachi 2 in Tequila Lime
Salsa has been making their stellar bikepacking hard tail for 7 years now, and if its one thing they have learned…Don’t break what is not broken. The El Mariachi comes with zero changes from the 2014 model, still included is the genius Alternator Dropouts when things get ugly. This feature also gives you the ability to run a thru axle, geared, single speed, or even Rohloff hub. The frame is built not only around 100mm travel forks, but also Salsas carbon and steel alternatives. The titanium version of this bike is a very popular Tour Divide rig, because of its durability and dampening qualities.
  • Price point for everyone
  • Alternator dropouts
  • Frame space
  • Titanium and steel options
  • Ridged fork compatibility
  • Awesome color schemes
  • Tripple-butted Kung Fu tubing
Lineup: El Mariachi Ti – $3,999 El Mariachi 2 – $2,399 El mariachi 3- $1,699 (two color options) El mariachi SS – 1,499 Ti Frame – $2,199 Kung Fu Frame – $699  


2015 Salsa Cycles Lineup
Fargo 2 Suspension
Another popular bikepacking and gravel riding bike that can function well on a variety of conditions is the Salsa Fargo. The Fargo is built around the Woodchipper bars. Unlike your standard dropper bars, Woodchipper bars flair out for more stability, brake leverage, and hand positions. Similar to the El Mariachi, the Fargo does not undergo any major changes. Alternator Dropouts and the versatile Woodhipper bars highlight this durable rig. One change in the Fargo fleet is the Fargo 2 Suspension, which you guessed it…comes with a suspension fork. The Fargo is another worthy Tour Divide rig, after all it still holds the record.
  • Alternator dropouts
  • Woodchippers bars
  • Frame space
  • Suspension model
  • Ti and steel models
  • No Tube rims
  • Well versatile bike
Lineup: Fargo Ti – $4,299 Fargo 2 – $2,299 Fargo 2 Suspension – $2,499 Fargo 3 – $1,699 Ti Frame – $2,599 Kung Fu Frame – $999  


2015 Salsa Cycles Lineup
Beargrease Carbon XX1
The Beargrease is Salsas Ultralight Endurance fat bike rig, and for good reason, its light, durable, and stood the test of some very grueling rides this past winter. The carbon model continues to hold the same geometry as 2014. Salsa discontinued the original Aluminum Beargrease all together last year, this year it is back. With nearly identical geometry to the carbon model, you now have a wallet friendly endurance machine. One big change this year is the rim width, similar to the Bucksaw, Salsa is rocking Marge Lite’s (65mm) on the Beargrease 1 and 2, and using Whiskey NO. 9 carbon rim (70mm).
  • Carbon and aluminum options
  • light weight
  • 12×177 rear (carbon)
  • Press Fit 41×121 bottom bracket
  • Rock Shox Bluto compatible
  • Smaller rim width
  • XD compatible hub (carbon)
Lineup: Beargrease Carbon XX1 – $5,599 Beargrease Carbon 1 – $3,699 Beargrease 2 – $2,599 Carbon Frame – $2,499 Aluminum Frame – $1,499  


2015 Salsa Cycles Lineup
Blackborow 1
Another new fat bike Salsa added is the Blackborow, and its not skimping on anything. It is a lot of bike, and is also Salsas first stab at 190mm rear spacing…maybe a test run? The Blackborow is supposed to have more of a mountain bike feel, with short chainstays, and a 51 degree offset fork. Also added is the alternator dropouts, making this bike extremely versatile and customizable. The aluminum frame is made to fit 100mm rims and 5″ tires thanks to the 190mm rear spacing. The Bluto is compatible with 150mm front spacing.
  • Aluminum Frame
  • 190mm rear spacing
  • Alternator Dropouts
  • 100mm rims
  • Bluto Friendly
Lineup: Blackborow 1 – $2,799 Blackborow Dinglespeed – $2,299 Frame – $950  


2015 Salsa Cycles Lineup
Mukluk Ti
The Mukluk is truly Salsa’s baby, being the first fat bike Salsa ever made 5 years ago. Believe it or not, they even called it a snow bike – marketing it around “Snowy singletrack, snowmobile trails, and snow-covered frozen lakes and rivers.” That was then, and now we have realized these bikes are capable of much more then just snow and sand. The 2015 Mukluk geometry remains the exact same as 2014, yet it still is compatible with the Rock Shox Bluto. The Mukluk rocks a 170mm rear spacing, along with the tried and true Rolling Holy Darrel’s. The Mukluk is available in aluminum, or the bikepacking friendly titanium version. 
  • Bluto friendly
  • 170mm rear
  • Ti and aluminum models
  • Rolling Holy Darryl Rims
  • XD Compatible hubs
Lineup: Mukluk Ti – $4,899 Mukluk 2 Suspension – $2,999 Mukluk 3 – $1,899 Ti Frame – $2,499 Aluminum Frame – $899   We look forward to getting on a few of these bikes in the near feature. A few things that come to mind – Salsa either got lucky or had specs for the Bluto, as all sizes of the 2014  Beargrease and Muckluk modes fit the new Rock Shox fork. Salsa has fallen in love with their alternator dropouts, and for good reason. The ability to switch to 4 different varieties of axels and hubs is a huge selling point. The Blackborow… we are very curious and excited to see a 190mm rear spacing bike introduced by Salsa. Personally, I think 190 is the way to go, as you can always downsize your rims and tires. Consider this Salsa vs. 190mm, I think it will work out. RS1, again we are excited that Salsa is on the forefront of mountain biking technology. It takes guts to reintroduce history. Each bike in Salsa’s 2015 fleet is worthy of a ride. The attention to detail, creativity, and risks Salsa takes makes for one awesome company.


  1. It looks like xx1 cranks on the Bucksaw. What width is the crank? My biggest complaint with fat bikes is the crank width is always so wide. Sometimes unnecessarily. It would be good to start giving that piece of information too.

  2. Hi, I think you have El Mariachi 2 listed twice, as opposed to El Mariachi 2 and 3.

  3. So many bikes. So little time.

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