We have all heard of the Tour Divide, and likely the Colorado and Arizona Trail Races, but did you know that there are over 35 other self-supported bikepacking rides and races out there? Almost all of these events are hosted on Trackleaders.com, a service that gives us the ability to watch the race from the comfort of our own home. This technology gives us the pleasure of watching a race from across the world – it’s a pretty unique thing. What we wanted to do was recognize the route creators, the winners, and the ride/race itself. The summer has been an extremely exciting one for bikepacking races, new and old. Please note, many of these times are brought to us by Trackleaders.com. Trackleaders.com is the ultimate resource to watch our friends, family and loved ones. Because of this, some times are not 100% accurate. If you notice an error in a time or name, or want to add an event, please make a comment below. Use the search key to find your name or friends a bit easier. *The route had to deviated from course. Because of this, records were not established.

EventStart LocationInaugural Event
Event Director(s)Women WinnerMen Winner2015 ParticipantsRecordsCoverage
2014 Cross FloridaNew Smyrna Beach, Florida2012Karlos A. Rodriguez BernartMelody Ellis 2d:11h:13mBryan Frantz - 21h:25m53Bryan Frantz 21h:25m // Ruth Cunningham - 1d:1h:56mBikepacking The Cross Florida
Fat Pursuit 200KIsland Park, Idaho2014Jay PetervaryRebecca Rusch - 16h:25mAndrew Kulmatiski - 15h:25m472015 TimesJayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit 2015
Kiwi Brevet Blenheim, New Zealand2010Scott Emmens Bethany DunneSteve Halligan41N/AKiwi Brevet 2015
Arrowhead Ultra International Falls, Minnesota2005Ken and Jackie KruegerTracy Petervary 18h: 27m
Jorden Wakeley - 15h842013 - Todd McFadden - 14H: 20M // 2012 Eszter Horanyi - 18H:18MJorden Wakeley – 2015 Arrowhead Ultra Winner
Florida DivideFargo, Georgia2015Karlos A. Rodriguez BernartKim Murrell 6d:12h:20mGraham Brink 6d:6h:48m 102015 TimesA Story Of The Florida Divide
Iditarod Trail Invitational 350Knik Lake, Alaska2002Kathi & Bill MerchantHeather Best - 2d:8h:9mJohn Lackey 1d:18h:32m302015 TimesIditarod Trail Invitational 2015
Iditarod Trail Invitational 1000 Knik Lake, Alaska2002Kathi & Bill Merchant---Jay Petervary & Jeff Oatley - 15d:16h:29m8Jeff Oatley - 10d:2h:53m // Ausilia Vistarini - 17d:6h:25m
Huracan 300 Ocala, Florida2010Karlos A. Rodriguez BernartJennifer Moos 1d:12h:5mEddie Odea 1d:6h:39m 562015 TimesEvent: HURACAN 300
Stagecoach 400Idyllwild, California2012Brendan CollierShelly Peppe-Nani 4d:15h:45mNeil Beltchenko 1d:22h:52m 68Eddie O'Dea - 1D:15H:27M // Ezster Horanyi -1D:19H:40MThoughts on the Stagecoach 400
Arizona Trail Race 750Mex/AZ border 2005Scott MorrisAlice Drobna - 9d:13h:53mJay Petervary - 7d:20h:3m26Kurt Refsnider 7D:6H:35M // Alice Drobna - 9D:13H:53M2015 Arizona Trail Race
Arizona Trail Race 300Parker Canyon Lake, Arizona 2006Scott MorrisKaitlyn Boyle - 2d:20h:41mKurt Refsnider - 2d:1h:2m36Kurt Refsnider - 1D:21H:7M // Ezster Horanyi - 2D:13H:15M
Monaro Cloudride 1000Canberra, Australia2014Steve Watson---Calvin Decker 14d:14h:19m18Ollie Whalley - 4D:13H:03MMonaro Cloudride Winner’s Perspective
Holy Land ChallengeMajdal al-Shams, Israel2014Ilan Tevet & Limor ShaniLael Wilcox - 5d:13h:51mNiv Amos - 5d:10h:50m22Hanoch Redlich - 6d:14h:14mLive From The Holyland Bikepacking Challenge In Israel
Tour De Los PadresFrazier Park, California2014Erin Carroll---Blake Bockius - 1d:21h:7m132015 TimesRoute: Tour De Los Padres
Comstock Epic
NE of Baker, Nevada2015Trevor Oxborrow---Blake Bockius - 3:06:2952015 Times
Highland Trail 550
Tyndrum, Scotland2013Alan GoldsmithRickie Cotter - 6d:4h:50mTom Rowntree - 4d:11h:19m
51Phil Simcock - 4d:1h:43M // Rickie Cotter - 6d:4h:50mTom's Adventure on the Highland Trail
Trans Am Bike RaceAstoria, Oregon2014Nathan Jones---Jesse Carlsson -18d:23h:8m41Mike Hall - 17d:16h:17m // Juliana Buhring 20d:23hEvent: Trans Am Bike Race
Race Across South AfricaPietermaritzburg, South Africa2004Freedom ChallengeTim James - 13d:7h:50Martin Dreyer - 10d:16h:40m // Jeannie Bomford Dreyer - 12d:5h:55m
Tour DivideBanff, Alberta2008Matthew LeeLael Wilcox - 15d:10h:59mJosh Kato - 14d:11h:40m1612015 Times2015 Faces of the Tour Divide
Dixie 200SW Of Parowan, Utah2011Dave Harris---Mike Barklow & Jason Wolf - 1d:15h:17m15Steve Cook - 1d:13h:40m2015 Dixie 200 Race Report
Navad 1000Romanshorn, Switzerland2015??---Jakob Christian - 5d:5h:8m602015 Times
California Sierra Trail RaceAuburn, California2013Sean Allen------4Aaron Johnson - 4d:16h:52mVideo: California Sierra Trail Race
Colorado Trail Race NoboDurango, Colorado2007Stefan GriebelJeannie Dreyer - 5d:15h:40mJesse Jakomait - 3d:20h:46m712015 TimesJesse Jakomait | New Colorado Trail Race Holder
Transcontinental RaceGeraardsbergen, Belgium2014Mike HallJayne Wadsworth - 16:12h:5m Josh Ibbett - 9d:23h:54m172N/A
Castle to Castle BrevetTsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan2015Brian Southwick & Don SpedenBrian Southwick - 1d:7h:00m11Brian Southwick - 1d:7h:00m
Fitz-BarnHamilton, Montana2012Scott FitzgeraldTracy Petervary - 2d:23h:20mJason Wolf - 2d:18h:3m15??
Trans North Georgia East of Clayton, Georgia2010Derek KozlowskiBrenda Herrington - 3d:10h:55mChad Hungerford 2d:1h:40m60Eddie O'Dea - 1d:14h:57m // Lisa Randall - 1d:22h:10mRoute: Trans North Georgia
Velorution VentureDurango, Colorado2015Joey Ernst ---Aaron Weinsheimer - 3d:12h12015 Times
Smoke 'N' FireBoise, Idaho2014Norb DeKerchove & Tyson FahrenbruckRebecca Rusch - 1d:20h:6mSam Harney - 1d:18h:56m652015 TimesRebecca Rusch | Smoke N Fire 400
Olympic 420Port Angeles, Washington2015John Tornow--Shane Noble & Adam Hale 5d:22h:50m32015 TimesEvent: Olympic 420
Adirondack Trail RideNorthville, New York2015Michael A. Intrabartola Michelle DuLieu - 13d:15:07---62015 TimesRoute: The Adirondack Trail
Japanese OdyseeySapporo, Japan2015Emmanuel Bastian Stuart Edwards - 10d:12h:23m52015 Times
CalderaMammoth Lakes, California2015Alan Jacoby---Arthur Kopatsy - 5d:4h:54m152015 TimesRigs of the 2015 Caldera
Black Hills ExpeditionSpearfish, North Dakota2014Jason Thorman---Jason Thorman - 4d:5:15m10Dylan Taylor - 4d:2h:50mRoute: Black Hills Expedition
Allegheny Mountains LoopBlacksburg, Virginia2012Chris TompkinsMichelle DuLieu - 4d:8h:37mMatthew Lee & Don Rose - 2d:12h:29m9Ruth Cunningham - 2d:4h:41m // Christopher Arndt & Taylor Kruse - 1d:14h:15mEvent: Allegheny Mountains Loop
Allegheny Mountains Loop Extreme Blacksburg, Virginia2015Chris Tompkins---Markley Anderson - 2d:17h:34m102015 TimesMarkley Anderson Race Report
Trans Africa Bike RaceBeit Bridge, South Africa2014Andy Masters---Steffen Streich - 8d:19h:28m4Steffen Streich - 8d:19h:28m // Hannele Steyn - 10d:22h:45m
Coconino Stage BikepackFlagstaff, Arizona2009Scott Morris--Mike DeBernardo - 3d:9h:39m10
Trans North CaliforniaWest of Verdi, Nevada2014Dan Hensley---Blake Bockius - 2d:0h:10m10Blake Bockius - 2d:0h:10m // Alice 2d:18h:8mTrans North California

** Billy and Lina Rice won the tandem Category in this years Tour Divide – Coverage



  1. Note on the Highland Trail 550 – Aidans time was for the first year – when it was 450. The HT550 record holder is Phil Simcock in 4 days 1 hours 43min.

    You covered it here: http://bikepacker.wpengine.com/phil-simcock-highland-trail-550-report/

    Other UK based records and routes can be found here: http://selfsupporteduk.net/

    We have quite a few others 🙂

  2. Don’t forget about the Comstock Epic. This is a great route across Nevada. Hope it’s back in 2016.

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      Yes, I totally forgot about that one. Do you have info? Trevor Oxborrow, first year, 5 participants, and trackleaders has you winning with a time of 3:06:29, correct?
      Thanks, Blake!



  3. There’s 3 Italian rides missing. The Tuscany trail ride, Italy divide and another that goes from Italy towards France. The first is a timed ride, but not a race, the latter 2 are.

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      Hey Simon, we did as much research as we could. If you could please provide us with the data we will add it in. Thanks for the heads up.



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