If you have yet to hear about the Tuscany Trail, this short trailer of this years event should get you excited about it. Below the video is a description of the event from director Andrea Borchi. Next years event is May 1st, so mark your calendars. Video By: Martino Vincenzi Content by Andrea Borchi The Tuscany Trail is the first “adventure” (not a race) of this kind in Italy. I call it the TT, an “unsupported bicycle adventure.” This year is the first edition, with the departure starting from Piazza Aranci in Massa (MS). I have been touring and bikepacking since 2008, and I have faced many trips (Islada, Corsica, Dolomites, Italy coast to coast, etc.). I have traveled a lot around my stomping grounds near Tuscany. I think why go away when you live in a place like mine where everyone wants to come. Tuscany Trail The TT is the culmination of my work that has lasted for more than a year. I put together pieces of tracks that I have faced on my travels. The conclusion was the Tuscany Trail, a route consisting of 50% off-road terrain leading through the most beautiful parts of Tuscany. The route passes through 5 places classified as World Heritage by UNESCO: the historic center of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Pienza, and lastly the landscape of the Val d’Orcia. The trail also travels through important areas of natural interest such as Apli Apuane and the Argentario. The second step was to create a new race format than anything that has ever been created in Italy. I was inspired by a lot of rules like the Tour Divide. The 85 participants are a success if you think that no one knew until a few days ago the path and no one has ever participated in an adventure of its kind in Italy. The difficulty of the course is average if we exclude the Apuan Alps. There are about 600 km (373 miles) and 9000 m (29,528 feet) of altitude within that section. Along the way there are many paths and dirt roads. The roads were very difficult to avoid when designing the course, exploration work has been intense because Tuscany is a densely populated area. Among the participants are famous Italian names, participants in their sports curriculum have the Tour Divide and the Iditarod for example. Many, however, are those who approach for the first time to this type of sporting event. I have no idea how long it will take to get to the end, but I think that many will finish in the first two / three days, and most by the fifth day. There will be participants that take advantage of the numerous recreational facilities along the way, and those who will make the 600 km all in one breath (or at least try!). For more information check out Bikepacking.it and look for the Tuscany Trail link. Also if you want to follow along by way of pictures, check out this link http://www.bikepacking.it/live.php

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