For most, weekends are for getting outside, exploring new trails, fixing up the bike, and hanging out with friends and family. So incase you were not apart of, or missed out on this action packed bikepacking weekend…We got you covered.

2014 Stagecoach 400
Photo courtesy: Hub Cyclery – Winner, Guy Sutton.

The Stagecoach 400

The 3rd annual Stagecoach 400 started on Friday the 14th at 6:00am from The Hub Cyclery in Idyllwild, CA. 38 racers started the 400 mile trek at 6:00am in 40 degree temperatures. The race quickly took shape as Guy Sutton took the lead with a pack of 4 others miles behind him. Slowly but surely, Guy made it into San Diego in about 23 hours. Guy was on pace with Eddy’s record through San Diego, until he slowly backed off that time and ultimately finished with a time of 43 hours and 5 minutes (3 hours and 38 minutes off of  Eddie’s Record of 39 hours and 27 minutes.) Bryan Taylor took 2nd with 50 hours, 2 minutes, and Erick Lord was an hour behind Bryan taking 3rd with 51 hours, 3 minutes.. Plenty of racers are still on course. Check out the Trackleaders page to follow the remaining riders. Also Check out MTB Radio for call in recordings from racers.

The HuRaCan 300

The Huracan 300 was the other bikepacking race, which started on Saturday at 6:00 pm. 41 racers lined up at Greenway Cycles in Ocala, Florida for the 300 race. The record was not broken, but that doesn’t mean much as this new course was longer, and more difficult. Eddie O’Dea quickly took the lead and never looked back. O’Dea, the record holder for the Stagecoach 400 and The Trans North Georgia routes finished with a time of 28 hours. Kevin Greten took 2nd finishing in just under 30 hours, and Mark Sackett rounded up the top 3.

2014 Huracan 300
Photo Credit: Dano from Greenway cycles
Eddie Looking good after 300+ miles

The True Grit Epic

There was also one of the first 100 mile races of the season in St. George, Utah. The True Grit Epic. This race holds true to it’s name, the technical course will test anyones early season abilities. Drew Edsall from the Pro’s Closet / Stans took 1st (7:40:44), Cary Smith with The Hub Bikes took 2nd (7:43:29), and Brent Pontius took 3rd (7:50:53). 45 year old Cheryl Sornson of Team Rare Disease crushed the women’s field taking first (9:02:54).


Stagecoach 400 Trackleaders and Mountain Bike Radio Call in page

Huracan 300 Trackleaders and MTBcast call in page

True Grip Epic Results 

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