Northeast IPAs are exploding in popularity. Far from the more traditional malty, bready, English-influenced IPAs of northeast breweries such as Harpoon; these IPAs are bright and fruity with hop influences normally dominating malt characteristics. However, the first and perhaps most notable difference is the haziness of this style resulting from a lack of pasteurization. A wonderful example of a NEIPA is Foggy Geezer, a collaboration brew from Warpigs/Mikkeller/3 Floyds. No matter whether you are new to the style or already a fan, Foggy Geezer will not disappoint.

This pour of this beer shows it has no shortage of haze. The haze in the golden yellow beer shimmers nicely in the light. The stark white head is a strong contrast atop the murky liquid. The cloud-like head recedes slowly with the froth leaving nice lacing on the glass as it settles. Even with sinuses protesting the ever-changing weather here, bright and fruity aromas of lemon and grapefruit as well as pleasant floral notes are easily detected.

This IPA has a solid medium mouthfeel with just enough carbonation to alight the front of the tongue with a tingling that is complimented by an initial peppery spiciness before big fruity flavors of peach, nectarine, and guava hit. The tropical fruitiness continues on the sides of the tongue as the beer flows to the back of the mouth. It is here that orange and citrusy flavors stand out. The aftertaste is hop-heavy with pine and grass on the back of the tongue which slowly creeps forward leaving the mouth awash in dank hoppiness. As the aftertaste fades, the hop bite combines nicely with a return of the pepperiness first detected early in the sip bringing the flavor full circle.

Foggy Geezer comes in six packs of cans and clocks in at 8% ABV. Its wonderful, refreshing fruitiness would make it a perfect outdoor compliment as long as it can be kept relatively cool.

So whether you already love Northeast IPAs or are now curious enough to want to try one, seek out Foggy Geezer. This hazy, fruity IPA is one of the top IPAs I have had this year, and I think it will be high on your list as well.



Outdoor Friendliness (canned and refreshing)… 8/10

Appearance (the haze is striking)… 8/10

Aroma (bright and conspicuous)… 9/10

Flavor (fruity with a dank hop finish)… 9/10

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