Blackburn came out with their Outpost Series a few years ago. With the help of their ranger program, we have seen many of these bags out on the trails, in videos and in trip reports. We finally got our hands on some of these bags. This short video explains the features and how the Outpost Seat Pack works. This saddle bag is a two-part harness system that we have seen more of lately in bag designs.

Blackburn Design Outpost Seat Pack • Expandable – Sometimes you need more space, while other times you need less. This bag expands to accommodate both. • Bag Fit – Bikes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. This bag includes adjustable mounting systems to allow fitment to almost ANY bike. • Also works with many standard dry bags and stuff sacks. • Not recommended for carbon seatposts. •Daisy chain loop webbing provides extra opportunities to attach lights or other gear. • volume = 11.0 litres or 671 cu/in • 1.33 lbs

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  1. The lid should roll back and down, instead of up and forward. I envision straps and buckles rubbing the butt when it’s packed small and mud/debris getting trapped in the lid.

  2. Anyone know what’s the minimum the seatpost must be show for this bag to work?

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      we are currently testing the bag, we will be sure to touch on this.There does not appear to be any specific specifications from Blackburn.

  3. Since much of the weight would be supported by the saddle rails, this looks like a bag that would work with a carbon seat post. Any experience or thoughts?

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      It would, I also have not had many issues with other bags and carbon seat posts. I would say the only bags not recommended for carbon seat posts are ones that use a metal clamp on the post, Like the Mr. Fusion from Porcelain Rocket.

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