The Victory Berliner Weisse with Elderflower is the third release from their Blackboard Series which Victory describes as their more “unique and adventurous beers.” Based on my tasting of this beer, I definitely agree. The typical flavors of the Berliner Weisse style are there, but Victory definitely lets this beer be a bit more untamed and bold. The beer pours a hazy, golden yellow which is quite bright in the afternoon sun. The head is shy and disappears quickly, even though the beer is very bubbly. It more resembles champagne with no residual head even with a constant march of bubbles towards the surface.Victory’s Blackboard Series The aroma is most pleasant with a combination of fruity and floral scents reminiscent of spring fields in bloom and freshly sliced tropical fruit. There is also a lemon and citrus aroma, as well as a light note of caramel. Just as the sour notes were a tease in the aroma, the front of the tongue picks up more pronounced sugary sweetness with hints of sour. As the beer washes towards the back of the mouth, the sour is no longer masked. It builds on the sides of the tongue before finishing with a lemony puckering and delightfully bright and refreshing sour note as you swallow. Swallowing leaves a tongue with clear divisions as the back notes a lingering sourness with just a bit of oakiness while the front of the tongue tastes a residual saltiness. Let me say I have no idea what elderflower tastes or smells like, so I can only imagine its contributions. However, based on tastings of other Berliner Weisses, the elderflower seems to most likely have a greater contribution to the floral aroma than a flavor influence.Victory’s Blackboard Series This 5.2% beer is easy drinking, and though it has a medium-light mouthfeel, it packs a lot of flavor. If it happens to still be warm where you are, this is perfect for patio-sipping. However, even if there is a chill in the air, this light, crisp, and very drinkable Berliner Weisse is mighty fine for indoor enjoyment as well. Prost, Alex Outdoor Friendliness (keep the glass at home)…Not Rated Aroma (floral and fruity)….9/10 Flavor (tart, refreshing, and bright)…9/10 Style-Appropriateness (a bit more sour and a higher ABV than is typical)…6/10
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