Above image courtesy of the-bru.blogspot.com. The Victory Kirsch Gose is a wonderful beer for sipping outside on a warm summer evening. Its low ABV, effervescence, and refreshing blend of sweetness and tartness make it quite enjoyable when the temperature is reluctant to fall. This beer is really quite beautiful. It pours a nice ruby red with a contrasting white head. The head quickly fades to a thin, pink shimmer like the horizon with slowly setting sun. The aroma released is that of cherries and hints at both the sweet cherry flavors as well as those that are more tart. Kirsch Gose is nicely carbonated and gives a slight initial burn on the front of the tongue. The beer has a light to medium body that seems to thicken as it warms but never feels too heavy. Victory’s Kirsch blurs the lines between a Gose and a Lambic with its saltiness characteristic of a Gose but the cherry tartness and funk definitely reminiscent of a Kriek. The initial flavors are sugary sweet quickly followed by the tart very much like a Sweet Tart. As the beer warms, the Sweet Tart becomes Fruity Pebbles as it loses a little of its sourness and leans more towards sweetness. If you are also enjoying a meal with the Victory, the Gose would pair well with a variety of foods and/or courses. From a light salad, to heavy smoked meats, to dark chocolates or Mango sticky rice, there are lots of pairing options for a beer with the flavor profile of the Kirsch Gose. But perhaps the best pairing is a sunset and friends. The Victory Kirsch Gose is available in 4 packs of bottles as well as draft. The bottles aren’t too trail or pack friendly, but the availability on draft gives options for stainless growlers as well as Crowlers for adventure portability. The Victory Kirsch Gose is one of my favorite Goses and definitely one you should keep your eyes out for this summer. It’s a delicious way to beat the heat. Bikepacker Friendliness (bottles for enjoying off the trai) 6/10 Aroma (definite cherries but a little muted) 8/10 Flavor (sweet, sour and slightly salty) 9/10 Style Appropriateness (a nice morph of Gose and Kriek) 9/10

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